India ODI squad announced – BCCI spring another unpleasant one

This time Dravid, Ganguly and Laxman get the axe. If Laxman and 17 are jinxed for the Aussies, the BCCI is also jinxed. If it gets praise one day, the rotten tomotoes and worse follow soon. What is with this anti-Dravid-ism? He seemed to show signs of returning to form. Ganguly seemed to be in good-knick too (except for the Perth Test). Laxman has been cursed long ago and labeled a Test player. I don’t see why they can’t be persisted with.

This time, emphasis on fielding was the excuse for dropping Dravid and Ganguly. “The emphasis was on fielding abilities and they wanted a young fielding side for the series. That’s why you see a lot of youngsters in the side.” I don’t consider Ishant Sharma to be a great fielder.

And what is with Yuvraj’s selection? If you were to apply the same yardstick that was used oust Dravid after the ODI series againt Australia in India, Yuvraj’s single-digit scores in this Test series should have earned him ouster. Not that it is justified; neither is. I’m not sure if we can count on seeing Dravid back in an ODI, we can certainly count on the BCCI for springing an unpleasant, controversial surprise out of the blue.


9 Responses to India ODI squad announced – BCCI spring another unpleasant one

  1. Soulberry says:

    I am not too unhappy about this Minerva. I welcome these changes for the one-day scheme of things. Each one of these replacements, bar one, has earned his opportunity and is the likely replacement of the seniors in a couple of years. The one man who may not be a wise investment is Munaf Patel.

    20-20 is not the place to make long-term impressions. A judicious mix of domestic cricket and 50-50 gives better clues as to who will move further.

    Suresh Raina coming in for the one-dayers is welcome. He is a far mature player now for the season and a half in domestic cricket he spent. I have watched his domestic performances on Neo and this could be what Yuvraj has missed in his life. I am convinced Raina will be a far better test player than Yuvraj ever will be.

    Gambhir too will end up being a better test batsman in a season or so. This victory for Delhi in Ranji, with his performance in the second innings, will help him progress. And any 50-50 he gets are welcome.

    Tiwary, the reserve, may feel he should have more chances, but his performance dipped after a great beginning to the season. He will also be greatful for as many seasons he gets before his eventual elevation.

    Kaif isn’t beyond it, but looks like his chances are going. I have a feeling he’ll yet play for India again, this time in the longer version…keep the faith.

    Pujara is another whose time will come in a year or two….at least for limited overs.

    Robin, Rohit deserve their chances.

    I like the way Indian Board is splitting up the game. This is actually ensuring the seniors have a longer life-span in tests (where they are needed most) without discouraging the youngsters. 50-50 is a good chance for them to push ahead and learn.

  2. Ottayan says:

    I am ambivalent here VMM. It seems a shame to deny the youngsters who did us proud in the T20.

  3. whilst there will always be debate on whatever selectors will come p with…bt i think they should be given the praise they deserve…

    if not for anything than for not getting into the trap of awarding places on perth goodwill…that would have been worse…

  4. vmminerva says:

    hmm…I seem to be in the minority here 🙂 Let us see..

  5. Narayanan Aier says:

    Actually I’m with you Minerva. What the other guys are pointing out is that the youngsters need to be praised and given a chance. Agreed. But what they are overlooking is the fact that our senior players deserve a honorable exit.

    At least, the board should have the courtesy to sit down with Ganguly and Dravid and tell them, “Look guys, you have done a great service to Indian cricket. But, we need to give youngsters a chance. So it is almost next to impossible for you guys to make a comeback to the ODI team. We suggest that you exit gracefully by retiring from one day cricket.” I’m sure both these gentlemen now realize that only a miracle can get them back into the ODI team. And for all you know, they would have obliged and retired.

    I also have written on this issue. You can read it on my blog:

  6. Neeraj Kumar says:

    Vengsarkar has single handedly destroyed Dravid’s career towards the end. He was playing quite well in England, aggressive even and he was dropped simply because Vengsarkar got offended that he was not informed first wehn Dravid decided to quit. There is no substitute for class. These guys might not be the best fielder but, no one in the squad selected comes even close to these guys. They might save 30 extra runs in the field but, whats the use if you cannot score even 30 of the bat. Timing to top it all is horrible. These guys have contributed so much and have been left in the cold just after they have pulled up one of the most astonishing victories. Moreover, what will it do the cofidence of the young guys who have been unleashed against the best bowling attack. They should have been tried against lesser teams. To summarise, this selection in the name of injecting youth stinks from all sides. But then, this is how it happens in this country.

    PS: I will love to see Vengsarkar kicked out of the selection panel if India gets thrashed in the ODIs. After all, its about performance, right?

  7. vmminerva says:

    @Narayanan Aier, Neeraj Kumar, welcome to my blog.

    @Narayanan Aier, read your views on your blog. You make many good points. We need to treat our heroes better.

    @Neeraj, I share your sympathy for Dravid. At least Ganguly has his Kolkatta street-support, Dravid, hailing for the Tech-heavy Bangalore will never get even that morale booster. I agree with you in that Vengsarkar should be dealt with, I would say more for personal vendetta. Meanwhile, it remains to be seen if Dhoni is the villian or the scapegoat here.

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