India now accused of blackmailing!

January 8, 2008

Robert Craddock writes in the Daily Telegraph in typical Ponting’s Aussie style “…India’s suspension of the tour while they wait for an appeal on the suspension of Harbhajan Singh is a veiled form of blackmail and must be treated with the harsh response it deserves. If the ICC feels Harbhajan was worth suspending, it must not crumble in the face of a subcontinental blackmail from the world’s most powerful cricket nation.” Perhaps in Craddock’s dictionary, demanding for justice constitutes blackmail.
He goes on to say, “….If the Harbhajan verdict stands – as it should – and India abandon the tour, then so be it. Their nation will be in disgrace, their team retreating as men who cowered in the face of substantial adversity.[…] It’s a shame India have sulked, because many Australians felt deeply sympathetic for the dreadful hand they were dealt in Sydney.” And what good is sympathy alone? So, Mr. Craddock, should the Indians have thought themselves lucky to have one of their lot baselesly charged with something as serious as racism after what seemed (to any non-racist person) to be an unfair hearing? Perhaps you would have liked it if the Indians took what was dished out at them in a typical-subcontinent style, moved on without making any noise and welcome some more with open arms.