Gilchrist calls it a day

January 27, 2008

Adam Gilchrist’s retirement announcement came as a shock announcement for most fans, that too considering that he had been saying that he might pull on for just a little longer.

Gilchrist waves to the crowd

 Gilchrist waves to the crowd in farewell Source: Cricinfo

As for me, I was first shocked, then disappointed, then sad. Gilchrist has always been my favorite Aussie cricketer (and one of my favorite cricketer of all time) and to see him calling it a day is a little sad, but that is selfish of me.

I can’t recall the first innings of Gilly that I had watched, but I know I would have watched in awe. I distinctly recall the twinge of longing that I often had I when I watched Gilly – that India didn’t have such a consistently explosive batsman. The most recent of Gilly’s innings that comes to mind his mind-blowingly spectacular innings in the 2007 World Cup final against Sri Lanka. It was probably the most entertaining innings that I have seen till date, not just of him, but of any batsman.

Gilly has been a savage ODI bastman and a refreshingly attacking, dangerous Test bastmen: one who could single-handedly turn a Test match. To me, he not only redefined the approach to Test batting, he also redefined the wicket-keeper batsman’s role so much so that many teams, I guess, wanted to have someone at least resembling his skill level. Sri Lanka’s Kumar Sangakkara is an illustrious example of one who follows Gilly’s footsteps.

Another trait of Gilchrist that I admire is his courage: he would walk if he knew he was out, even if it was a World-Cup semi-final. In today’s world where ethics and values are often redifined for selfish gain, such honesty is to be lauded very highly.

At the end of the day, I will remember Adam Gilchrist for the entertainment he provided and for having the courage to be an honest cricketer.

Thank you all the wonderful memories, Gilly, and wish you all the best!