India thrill at the WACA – 3rd Test at Perth

India has made it into the history books once again, after this victory at the WACA becoming the only sub-continent country to trounce the Aussies at their home-advantage ground. A memorable feat considering that India were 2 down in the series, embroiled in controversy, and written off completely. This was supposed to the be the match in which Australia would steamroll their way to a 17-match winning streak, in which Shaun Tait would sizzle by bowling at 170 kmph, in which Australia could crush India with a 4-pronged pace attack and make mockery of the halchal that India raised after the controversial Sydney Test, but that wasn’t to be. India thwarted the Aussie streak yet again.

There were several memorable moments in this game for me, Dravid in the first innings, Laxman pulling it off yet again in the second, and so on, but if I were to chose one, it would be Ishant Sharma’s magical 7+ over spell. The young teenager had one of the best batsmen in the world poking, leaving, and beaten before he finally claimed Ponting for the second time in this Test match. And this was the boy who, even as recent as the Pakistan series, looked too raw for Test cricket. This awe-inspiring story will definitely live on for years to come. Three cheers for Ishant!

Another heartening thing from this match was to see the so-called inexperienced Indian bowling attack blossom. It may be a tad too early to call this the beginning of a new age of Indian pace bowling, but it certainly instills a lot of hope. It was also good to see Sehwag and Pathan back in the squad contributing all round. Way to go India! Way to square the series!

4 Responses to India thrill at the WACA – 3rd Test at Perth

  1. Soulberry says:

    Wasn’t it fun? I caught the re-run. What I liked was the synchronicity between the wide range of ages on this tour. Everyone pulled for the other. Heartening, and as you say, this isn’t the be all and end all of achievement. It is a continuos process.

    Nice article Minerva.

  2. raydixon says:

    Yes, Australia were beaten by better bowling and more resolute batting from India. We just seemed to think we could dig ourselves out from any position, as we have done so often in the past. But when the two openers failed in both innings we were left playing ‘catch-up’ cricket, only this time we couldn’t bridge the gap.

    Tait was useless and Australia erred by not playing a spinner. Of the 16 straight wins we had at least one spinner in every match. The first 12 included Warne and couldn’t we have done with him in Perth? Or Stuart Magill, who was injured. Even Hogg would have been better than Tait. We also missed Hayden’s dominant presence.

    It’s ‘good for cricket’ though and I agree India is ‘on the rise’. Pity they didn’t arrive in Australia earlier and get a bit more practice in.

    By the way, in one of your earlier posts about the Sydney test you said, “The game was murdered by shams in the baggy-green and conspirators in white coats”. That’s the type of talk that set off all the animosity between our countries . The reality is the game was damaged by bad umpiring … full stop. There was no conspiracy and nothing really untoward about Australia’s tactics.

    Anyway, time to bury the hatchet and enjoy the last test. Australia by … oh, about 3 runs is my tip.

  3. vmminerva says:

    Welcome to my blog, Ray. Yes, Tait seemed like a bit of a hype. I also think its a bit too much to compare Hogg to Warne. Warne had so much variety and is a class apart from the younger Aussie spinners. Yes, it is time to sit back and enjoy the Adelaide action.

  4. vmminerva says:

    @Soulberry, glad you could catch the re-run, and thank you!

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