Dhoni – villain or scapegoat?

When we are supposed to be talking about the Adelaide Test, look what’s grabbed the headlines – rifts in the team. Yet again, there is this seniors vs. juniors all over again. If new reports are to be believed, it was not Vengsarkar but Dhoni who insisted on the Ganguly ouster. Apparently, the selectors considered including Dravid too.

Dhoni doesn’t seem to be dealing with this very well. When asked about it, “…still have one more Test match to go, so I think we should wait with the questions regarding the One-Day players. We have waited for two days, let’s wait for another six days..” was what he had to say. Not pleasing the Indian media is a dangerous thing for an Indian captain – a thing Dravid learnt the hard way. On the youngsters dealing with the situation, he said “..it’s not about the people’s expectations, it’s about the players’ expectations.” Perhaps, Dhoni who claims to have learnt a lot from Kumble, also seems to have had lessons of arrogance from Ponting. You don’t want to alienate yourself from the fans, Dhoni; that could get ugly. Remember that match when the crowds at home cheered for the opposition team?

Allow me to emotionally rant here. This begs the question – is Dhoni, with head-rush from the T-20 World Cup victory, a villain or a scapegoat? If this young side with batting line up as brittle as fresh ice succeeds, Dhoni will be spared. If not, he will be made the scapegoat. Consider this, Dhoni is sure to have already lost some public favor. In an emotional country like India, his alleged back-stabbing will earn him the wrath of the Dravid-Ganguly supporters and some neutrals alike. Should his side lose out – which is almost a certainty given that it is the Aussies that they will be facing, and that too in Australia – his captaincy will come into question. His batting has already been questioned time and again; it is only now, after the T-20 success and some against Pak in the recently concluded series in India, that there seems to be some silence on that aspect. With the series lost, fans crying and burning effigies, and the media joining the party, BCCI will be back to the situation of being under pressure of media and public opinion. Then, as my friend Ottayan jokingly suggests, Dhoni may be soon playing his farewell match!


7 Responses to Dhoni – villain or scapegoat?

  1. Ottayan says:

    I think Dhoni has been made a scapegoat.
    Prasun Bannerjee is the one trying to hang him.
    What I dont understand is why Ganguly is keeping mum about the violence in his state. Surely as a responsible citizen he should condemn people resorting to violence.

  2. kvhurin says:

    hi VM,
    I too think that Dhoni is just another of the several scapegoat’s we have seen in the past few years in Indian cricket…and mind you regarding this backstabbing thing..I dont believe a word of it.
    As the papers have said it was King whose report to the board that “Ganguly’s lower part of the body will give him trouble sooner or later” which caused the ouster..and you know what the recent two matches seem to suggest that Ganguly is back to his own careless stroke days!

  3. vmminerva says:

    @Ottayan, wonder if the upcomming ODI series (or result therein) will convince Dhoni that Indian cricket captaincy is a crown of thorns. Btw, I am rather convinced that they will lose it quite badly.

    @kvhurin, nice to see you around here.

  4. Scorpicity says:

    Will wait and watch… I don’t mind the direction but it has to be understood that the success percentage odds are lesser until the young team matures… however it is evident that there are some issues between the so called seniors and juniors… it is all rubbing on.

  5. Arjun Bhise says:

    Dhoni thinks he is everything after appointment of captain. He suggested to drop the great players of India cricket history. It is not correct dropping both the players at this moment. Let them play retire by their own in respectable manner. They are still good playersbetter then young lot in all respect. Rahul dravid is one of best playerever india produced. I rate him best player within 5 greatest players bats. Please donot insult at the retirement age Let him play another 2 to 3 years as greatest players of india.let win India every series they played.

  6. vmminerva says:

    @Arjun, welcome. It is sad to see success bring arrongance isn’t it?

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