About Me

Engineer by profession, open-minded, loves fantasy, legends and other fables, music, language and cricket.

When I started rambling here, several months ago, Indian cricket had started a revival from the Chappell-era abyss, which caused me to rave so much about it, that this turned into a cricket blog. Much has changed in Indian cricket since then. This blog follows Indian cricket, with laurels on its high, spit in disgrace and angst in struggle.


34 Responses to About Me

  1. kvhurin says:

    Nice cricketing blog…now finally i’ve got something to ‘COPY’ my articles from!!!

  2. vmminerva says:

    Thanks for the kind words, kvhurin and do come by often.

  3. kvhurin says:

    Me linking to u too!!!

  4. vmminerva says:

    Thank you, kvhurin.

  5. kvhurin says:

    Hey minerva…chk dis out…..http://ishmeet.wordpress.com/

  6. vmminerva says:

    Yeah, I read that on the news and I agree with ishmeet. However, this is the type of stuff I think is unnecessary to point out now, given that the series is over.

  7. kvhurin says:

    i know…but u know what..Rowling’s missing Harry bigtime..thats why she is saying all these things!

  8. kvhurin says:

    btw can u plz change the name of me blog to My Reflections

  9. vmminerva says:

    I agree kvhurin with your point abt JKR. It would be hard for her to let go of Harry wouldn’t it, after all the years?
    Btw, I have changed the name to kvhurin’s Reflections.

  10. kvhurin says:


  11. kvhurin says:

    hwy Minerva..thx for the link…btw can you plz change my blog name to Lonely Flights!!

  12. photon says:

    Hi Minerva…its kvhurin
    yeah photon is me. New name new blog. Do have a look!

  13. vmminerva says:

    Nice to see that you are back, kvhurin. Do leave a link to your blog.

  14. Hitesh says:

    Hello VMMinerva,

    Its nice. Kindly submit your cricket blog here at http://www.cricketgod.org

  15. vmminerva says:

    Thanks, Hitesh! Nice to see a new visitor.

  16. Hitesh says:

    Your site seems activated by my friend. Kindly link our other cricket site too & in return we submit your site to 10 directory free. Please email me for that…

    Site =>> http://www.cricketgod.net

    Best of Luck,


  17. photon says:

    Hey minerva….click on me name..thats my new blog!

  18. Isaac says:


    Would you be interested in exchanging links with my blog?

    The address is http://www.pastpoint.wordpress.com

    Please email me with your reply.


  19. vmminerva says:

    Welcome, Isaac. Sure, adding you to my blogroll.

  20. subbu567 says:

    Hi Minerva-I loved your official chokers one…well written,do keep writing



  21. vmminerva says:

    Glad you stopped by, Subbu, and thanks for the kind words.

  22. Isaac says:

    Like the blog alot, thanks for the blogroll, I’ve also blog rolled you.

  23. Sue says:

    Last month we launched a successful new cricket web site http://www.cricketwrite.com The site is for people who want to write about their love of the game around the world – it is their chance to be creative – we publish their stories – we have purposely not created a news site or a blog.

    We are aware of your entertaining site and wondered if you would be prepared to add cricketwrite.com as one of the cricket site links?

    Also, we would at any time be willing to publish any creative writing of your own or your fellow ‘blogers’. We particularly want to hear from people outside of the UK.

    Thank you for your help.

  24. vmminerva says:

    @Isaac, glad to see you around. Thanks for the kind words.

  25. vmminerva says:

    @Sue, glad you found my writing entertaining. I would be happy to add your website on to list of links and will also like to explore opportunities to write for your website too. Perhaps we could take this on an email thread. Thank you.

  26. Sathya says:

    Do you have the media files of the madurai serial episodes 1-90???? if you have that please let me know , i want to store that permanently in my hard disk. Thanks

  27. Jeremy Collins says:

    Hi ,

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  28. Ian says:


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    Thanks and have a great day.


  29. Simon says:

    Please try the mobile cricinfo service from snaptu
    m.snaptu.com/cricinfo in the phone browser

    You can use twitter from snaptu and spread some cricket banter. But most importantly, you can read ‘VM’s Random Ramblings’ in the News Reader when you’re out and about using the search url option to put it on the main screen.

    Enjoy – and excuse the rather commercial interruption!

    Btw did you just see that first over in the WI v Aus match !!!!!!!!!!!

  30. namya says:

    Hi VMM,

    I am not sure if you remember me but I wrote on nonstriker with Sfx. I have my own blog now on


    Have you already blogrolled. Was wondering if you could add me.


  31. vmminerva says:

    Hi Namya, good to see you around again. Sure, I’d be happy to blogroll you.

  32. Hit.Jain says:

    Hi VM,

    I am one of your old reader at your ramblings but may be I forget your blog address. But some how due to Asia Cup post, I came to your blog doing google.

    Since discontinuing blogging, I started a project called cricket schedule site at http://www.cricschedule.com

    Can your blogroll that site.

    I have posted your link to http://www.cricschedule.com/links.php and also at my blogroll at http://www.cricschedule.com/news/


  33. Alex says:

    Hi, I’m sorry for commenting on your post! I’m hoping this will be picked up by your moderator as I’m not sure how else to contact you!

    I work for Betfair Affiliates and with The Ashes coming up I would like to speak to you about the affiliate program and getting Betfair links on your blog if possible?

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    Thanks & kind regards
    Alex Corcoran
    Affiliate Executive

  34. cric-online says:

    I want exchange the link to my cricket blog to yours.

    Here is my blog criconline | An online Cricket Blog

    Plz reply soon.

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