Dravid and the ODI tamasha: Recall and Retirement

Saturday evening’s news brought most unexpected tidings. A Rahul Dravid ODI recall was something that wasn’t even thought of. We might have in 2008, in Australia, but not this day.

As an ardent Dravid fan and supporter, I must admit that momentarily, it was leap of joy.

But the usual questions muddled the joy. Was this a stop  gap? Would this have happened if India were playing at home? What after this series? “Rested” again, or worse, just no word?

Someone else might have had a slap to offer to the torturers. But no, Dravid, merely admitted surprize and suggested some face saving reasoning – because he didn’t get a chance to tell the selectors of his intentions.

Much has been said about this by me, several times in the past, and by many others now. I will not add to that.

The best way respect India’s most devout team man , and a true ambassador of the gentleman’s game, would be to savor his ODI swansong.


One Response to Dravid and the ODI tamasha: Recall and Retirement

  1. N.Balajhi says:

    Well said. I am eagerly looking forward to these 5 ODIs now. Now I can watch them and savour as these are going to be his last 5 ODIs in his international career. Also happy that Dravid cleared the air with his ODI retirement announcement. Last I saw Dravid in attacking mode, in an international, was in England 2007. May be he will do it again and walk out with his head held high.

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