Umpiring errors help propel Australia – Sydney Test, Day 1

January 2, 2008

Just when the Indian fan starts to sit up and watch the game, umpiring errors strike! India were on a roll today when they had Aus on the mat for 140-odd runs with only 4 more wickets in hand.  Symonds came to the crease, and stayed on it after being gifted at least 2 lives by umpire Steve Bucknor and one by the third umpire on a stumping. Ponting was let off when on 17, but was given out lbw when on 55, when there was a thick edge. What is with umpiring these days? India have been on the receiving side of some horrendous decisions in the past year. But India are not alone. Sri Lanka having recently toured Australia were victims as well with the Sangakkara episode readily coming to mind.

There is a strange issue with Australia and its a vicious circle. Umpires are under pressure when Aus is fielding, and the bowler gets the benefit of the doubt; and the Aussie batsmen receive the benefit. The only way to turn tables on this issue would be for other teams to defeat them, but that won’t happen unless the issue is addressed. And no, I don’t believe the oft quoted-adage “some times they [umpiring decisions] go against you…” with sometimes now becoming a couple of times every innings often.

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I’m not looking forward to watch India batting now, given the standards of umpiring by this trio.