Of India-Paksitan cricket and India’s wins – are they boring?

Three matches have gone by the tri-series featuring India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. All three matches had a predictable result. In the match against Bangladesh, after Sehwag fell, I was almost hoping for an upset.

Despite the fact that this series includes an India-Pakistan face-off, there is a sense of boredom about it. Is too much India-Pakistan to blame? Or is it the fact that India has been consistently beating them for some time now? Or is the lack of competitiveness from Pakistan? As for me, I thought Bangladesh in their match against India, for their standing in World cricket, batted better than Pakistan. Where is the spirit, Pakistan?

Let me ask the bigger question. Is it boring to watch India win? Is it even boring to watch ’em batt? I didn’t watch much of India’s batting after the goose-bump inducing T20 style Sehwag-Gambhir partnership. Other than noticing that Rohit Sharma is losing his patience, Yuvraj is his princely self and Praveen Kumar is getting better by the hour, there isn’t much to say. Are you missing the star clashes of old the Tendulkar-Shoaib or Ganguly-Shoaib? Or the lopsided Indian collapses from 100-1 to all out for just under 200?

Q points out here with hard facts, that India has been closing the India-Pakistan gaps. And that India has turned the tables. They have turned the tables indeed, but on a very weak Pakistan team. Pakistan won many games against an Indian team with some of best batsmen in Tendulkar, Azharuddin, Manjrekar, Dravid, Ganguly and the like. In that case, does the turning tables really count?

With this kind of one-sided cricket being played, I’m better off watching the other matches with more interest. The Aussies are 5-down on Day 1 of the Barbados Test. Gotta go catch some of that!

Ciao for now.


14 Responses to Of India-Paksitan cricket and India’s wins – are they boring?

  1. UTP says:

    T20 has spoiled the game thats what…if you get a over with 2 dot balls…thats boring…for most people…its really sad that cricket is going down like other commercialized games…

    or maybe its a phase and the on the other side of it….there will be just bang bang bang cricket…and people will like it…well I wouldn’t….thats for sure…

  2. Q says:

    Thanks for the mention VM.

    But do u really think its boring to see India win?

    I being a Pakistani am quite enjoying the way Sehwag and Gambhir are tearing the bowling apart – strong or weak irrespective.

    What I would like to see soon though is Sehwag, Gambhir, and Yuvraj failing in an innings and then see how Rohit Sharma and Raina cope with the pressure to rebuild an innings. That would show the real strength of India’s ODI batting.

  3. Ottayan says:

    I agree with UTP.
    The format is boring.

  4. vmminerva says:

    @UTP, Ottayan, T20 has definitely spoiled the ODI game, no doubt. However, that isn’t what is making it boring, at least not in this context. This Pakistan team seems to be giving up too early. That doesn’t make for a good game to watch. I certainly wouldn’t enjoy the bang-bang only cricket. In fact they should call T20 a different sport.

    @Q, you’re welcome. Glad to see you come by this side of the blogsphere. What I meant by boring to see India win – is that the manner of winning. It’s ego boosting to see, indeed, but when it happens often, it gets a bit boring. I would like to see competitive, close, India-Pakistan, from the ’90s. Sehwag and Gambhir rock, but after that, I lose interest. I would also like to the folks you mention fail and see how the-much-talked about Sharma handles it. I would think Yuvraj would give up faster than Sharma. I’ve had a bit of a soft spot for Raina, but would be interested in seeing how he copes too.

  5. Som says:

    MY view is (incidentally, I too was intrigued by the same thought and wrote on the overkill in my blog) frequency has killed the charm, more than its recent lop-sided trend. Ashes is one of the biggest mismatch around but still it retains its status as most celebrated bi-lateral series, while too many Indo-Pak ties have robbed it off the sheen.

  6. mr.sarcasm says:

    Retired Players:
    Wasim Akram
    Waquar Younis

    Players Who are in Late 20s and early 30s:
    Players Who Vanished:
    Abdul razaq
    ahzar mahmood
    Naved Ul Hazan
    Imran Nazir
    Saqlain Mustaq
    Players With Lack Of discipline:
    Sohaib Akhthar

    If you notice the list of eligible players (Not Retired) with proper age, there are 7 players in Pakistan who still can play but due to some reasons they are not playing. I believe Musharraf should take over cricket board and give them rigorous training. 🙂 …….. Their bowling has always done some thing but its their batsmen who have struggled. Mohamed Yousaf is the only good player in the side…..Younis Khan Can’t play in wickets which are not flat……Salman But should be a bit modest and should stop thinking that he is Hayden or something……PAKISTAN needs BATSMEN ….QUALITY BATSMEN…… like INZAMAM, ANWAR, MIANDAD…….

    India would feel the pinch at least in Tests when the following players quit in a couple of year’s time…
    Rahul Dravid

  7. vmminerva says:

    @Som, welcome! Perhaps that might be the case. I have also often wondered what makes the Ashes tick. Yes, when I watched my first Ashes match, I thought, what the big the deal? But I guess intensity and frequency do count for something.

    @Mr.Sarcasm, welcome to you too. Yes, it is rather sad to the see the sudden disappearance of Saqi, Razzak and Azhar Mahmood. Good point about Salman Butt. You’re dead right about India’s Test future. The absense of the Fab 4 and Kumble is bound to create a void for some time. The Gambhirs and Uthappas aren’t ready at all.

  8. scorpicity says:

    a full day of watching cricket would have mean’t I go hungry by not working :)… I gave the series a miss… it was pointless… I wish there was lesser cricket matches.

  9. vmminerva says:

    @Scorpy, you did a good thing and didn’t miss anything. I myself only watched it in bits and pieces.

  10. Soulberry says:

    I never debate too much a win unless the purpose is to strengthen weak areas…I never complain a win against Pakistan. The reverse has also happened…these transitions are cycles and there was a time which Q might have overlooked when Sachin, Dravid and Ganguly were still wet behind their ears with a bunch of newbies in the team during the rebuilding of 90’s , while Pakistan’s more experienced players were playing. I think India won some of those encounters as well.

    I’m sure you recall the exploits of greenhorn Debasis Mohanty and Harvinder Singh and even a raw Saurav.

    The thing is with players like Saurav, Sachin and Dravid, one may be forgiven to think they were never raw callow inexperienced youth leading even more inexperienced teams, and were always the salty experienced veterans…right from their respectibve wombs.

    Stats are the scrabble blocks for diverse and innovative interpretations in an interesting game of supporting an argument.

    I don’t say Q is wrong or something like that…he must have valid interpretations which are also correct.

  11. Soulberry says:

    The thing is this Pakistan team which played the Kitply series had many veterans in terms of games and/or years in the team than India. Maybe as many. The Indian newbies in the team, namely Rohit,Ishant et al are also as raw as a Wahab.

    Yusuf, Yunus,Afridi,Akmal,Gul,et al…have been playing for some time and have been bested before and probably will later. Can’t read too as much into this Pakistan win as into the win by a completely new-look Indian team earlier without all the big three perhaps for the first time.

  12. vmminerva says:

    @Soulberry, “..The thing is with players like Saurav, Sachin and Dravid, one may be forgiven to think they were never raw callow inexperienced youth leading…”. You’re spot on with that! Somehow they never seemed inexperienced at all. They burst into the scene and stayed there, for the most part, without too much drama. No one was complaining then or at least not as loudly as we are now? Perhaps it is that the quality of cricket that these youngsters bring isn’t as good as the youngsters of the ’90s. In due course, we will realize that T20 has ruined our young cricketers. Agreed 100% on your point on Rohit Sharma. And we thought he was our replacement for Dravid/#3.

  13. Soulberry says:

    Rohit needs some serious cricket of the longer variety. I think his Ranji stats are pretty average and erratic. Also, I doubt if he is a regular starter for the Mumbai Ranji team….that has to be confirmed for I’m unsure of this point…

    As with Yuvraj , and perhaps Kaif as you pointed out in the other post comments, the lack of propercricket college education has delayed and limited the development of these highly talented players.

    I think a leaf needs to be taken out of Gambhir’s book. He was returned to the college and given the additional responsibility of being the lead player for his class of Delhi…the student accepted the challenge to grow from failure and succeeded in doing so while leading his team to a difficult and rare win.

  14. […] seems a little less boring – or maybe that’s just me. Fellow bloggers on my blogroll and I have said much about the India-Pakistan overkill, so I won’t go there. The tournament schedule is organized such that two teams get knocked-off […]

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