England win series 2-0 against New Zealand

Now this is cricket. I could watch only the last couple of days (including a shortened one) of the third Test at Trent bridge, but it was worth it.

There was a sense of peace to watching this match. Almost nothing happens in a split second. There is enough time to notice the players, the umpires, the field positions, etc. After the IPL razzmatazz, it was almost soothing to see cricket as we traditionally know. Add to it the lush green outfields of England set against the blue sky peppered with grey-ish white clouds, and you have paradise.

Romanticism apart, it was good cricket on display from England. Anderson bagged 7 in the first innings and Sidebottom 6 in the second. The New Zealand openers were pathetic. Only Oram, in the second showed some spirit.


4 Responses to England win series 2-0 against New Zealand

  1. Ottayan says:

    The way you describe it is enchanting. However, the peace is euphemism for boredom.

  2. vmminerva says:

    Ott, I could have almost swore I knew you’d say that. 🙂

  3. scorpicity says:

    Anderson bagged 7…. new zealand should stab themselves with an ice pick for the rest of their lives…aaargh… how pathetic.

  4. vmminerva says:

    @scorpy, seriously pathetic!

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