Dravid Scores!

After what seemed like an eternity for a close Dravid follower, it was mainly relief to see a century coming from him.

I must clarify, that “see” meant “read on Cricinfo”. That was the case primarily because I couldn’t watch another failure from him. Add work to that, and there’s a compelling reason, but mostly the first. When I checked the score, I braced my mind to see the fall of the second wicket, but was pleasantly surprized almost each time, happy to see the 50 and satisfied to the see the 60 turn into 100 in very short time (by any standard). The attacking shots, and the late cuts that I caught on highlights, were very reassuring.

Fellow blogger SB, puts the feeling in perspective in a more emotional way, that I could have. Read that here, as SB talks Dravid once again.

There will be the naysayers this time also. Yes, it is the Kiwis, and yes, once can glare at the strike rate, but look what happened today and look at the strike rates of Tendulkar and Laxman, in the first innings. That will tell a story. Spin it the way you like!


5 Responses to Dravid Scores!

  1. Soulberry says:

    I ‘watched’ on Cricinfo too, but I caught the highlights later. There is no denying that we are seeing the final fibres of our famous batting quartet being woven into hisory. Ganguly’s gone. Laxman will probably be the next with hs backand stuff. Dravid is pobably there too.

    I want to capture all the memorable moments I can as career’s are winding down.

    Dravid was good to watch when it all began to happen.

    His square play off the backfoot was memorable. Maybe becaus that was m favored stroke fom my playing days!

  2. vmminerva says:

    Cheers, SB. Some of us fans must soak up now.

  3. Keshav says:

    Cheers, the Dravid we know is back 🙂 and even if he isn’t, we still worship him!! 🙂

  4. vmminerva says:

    @Keshav, that we will indeed, won’t we?

  5. […] I missed the first century of the series, I made sure I watched this one. Got a bit excited after the 50, and more so after the runs started […]

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