Steely Dravid steals the show – series heading to a result

With a mammoth 191, which could have been a memorable double ton, Dravid stole the show today in a charecterestic fashion. On a day when people waited for Tendulkar’s 50th century and many other bizzarre statistics, Dravid played a watchful hand to take this game out of New Zealand’s reach.

Because I missed the first century of the series, I made sure I watched this one. Got a bit excited after the 50, and more so after the runs started to flow. Once the straight drive from circa 2003 showed up in the innings today, I started to feel that this might be a big one. The late-cut was played to perfection. The signature patience was there. Apart from a few moments of indiscretion which Dravid visibly chided himself over, the innings was one of perseverance. What is very heartening to see is that this wasn’t a scratchy ton like the one from 2008 against SA. It was one played with much deliberation, thoughtfulness and caution perpered with some of the most beautiful late-cuts. The high price he sets over his own wicket has returned; maybe it never disappeared, but the results he got made it seem so. Apparently, the NCA and Kirsten had a lot of do with the preparation, esp against the left armers, (McKay for the day). What was also nice to see was some shots from T20 which one seems him play so well in the IPL.  Pity to have missed out the double ton, though.

Despite all of what’s been said about how Dravid has played this series, and in the last year, I think a lot also has to do with this day when Pujara was sent in at #3. Even that very day, when Dravid came in to bat at 5 after Tendulkar, there was a little less of the visible desperation and a bit of determination rising.

Maybe it is second wind for Dravid! May Bhogle’s prophecy come true.

Congratulations Dravid. Wish you many many more such innings!


4 Responses to Steely Dravid steals the show – series heading to a result

  1. few innings here and there does not make up for the slump of three years that he is in… and he would be first to admit it…

    but having said that… what you get from a great player like dravid is that… they produce centuries and double centuries even when they are clearly struggling… the hall mark of true greatness… and i sure the youngsters who are in team india not missing this point for their own good…

  2. vmminerva says:

    SP, greatness acknowledged. I would wait till SA to tell if the slump has gone or the second wind is blowing gently. With age, perhaps things change. Utility is important. After over a year, he’s won us a match. That’s got to be good news.

  3. Keshav says:

    Point! Second wind or not; he has won a match for us, which was long due. Hoping the double ton surfaces in SA. 🙂 Happy beyond measure; I was grinning uncontrollably all day, more because Dravid got the win than for the fact that we won itself!!

  4. vmminerva says:

    @Keshav, can understand the feelings. Cannot wait, though, for a chance for another double ton, or the SA series for that matter! cheers! 🙂

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