T20 World Cup: Frustrations with the match timings

As a cricket lover who likes to watch not only the India matches, I’m frustrated. There are two matches today, one at 10:30pm and another at 2:15 am (both IST). Staying up till 2 am ruins my day and I get up groggy. 😦 Unfortunately, college days are over.

2 Responses to T20 World Cup: Frustrations with the match timings

  1. Megha says:

    I share your frustration (although it isn’t as bad for me in England)..matches starting in the morning in the Caribbean are always missed out on bcoz of work, the day/night ones last until just about the max time i can afford to stay up till…usually I dont mind following matches on cricinfo, but this is the WC!

  2. vmminerva says:

    Welcome to this end of the blogsphere, Megha. Thanks for stopping by.

    Good to know there’s company on the frustration. Missed the second half of SA-NZ super eights yesturday. Pity! Yes, this the world cup, with all the jinxes, chokers et all.

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