India win Galle Test on Day 4 – India in Sri Lanka 2008

Where are the folk who wrote India off? Eat crow today!

Ishant’s inspired fiery spells saw India scalp three in-form Lankan batsmen in the first half-hour of play. So inspiring was that spell that it evoked emotions even from Dravid! Perhaps one of the best spells of Ishant till date, there were several overs where he tested batsmen, reminiscent of that spell against Ponting at Perth earlier this year. I had goose bumps to see this young Indian bowler give chin-music to batsmen. India have till date only been on the receiving end of such music. Ishant is a very good sign for India. Wonder what would have happened if he didn’t get that 5-for against Pak in Bangalore, that most probably helped book his seat on the plane for that famour tour of Australia late last year. While Ishant, titled things in India’s favor by getting key wickets of Sanga and Mahela, Bhajji (after one session of mediocrity and after Ishant struck again claiming Dilshan) wrapped it up for India.

There are many positives for India to take home from this:
1. Gautham Gambhir and Man-of-the-Match Virender Sehwag – India’s new Tendulkar-Ganguly
2. Ishant Sharma
3. Zaheer finding form
4. Dravid showing positive signs of finding form
5. Some collective spirit

That aside, we won fair and square today – not with the new form of umprie coaxing that the referral system has already become. Jayawardene’s use of the referral system, particularly for the lbws was downright irksome. I understand he might be within his right to do that, but none of the referrals went India’s way in the series so far (okay, maybe one did, but I’m not sure of that either). If Dravid and Ishant were given out to a type of dismissal then so should have Dilshan/Samaraweera (I can’t recall which one) today as it was a very similar one. The lack of consistency from the third-umpires was particularly irritating, which is perhaps why Kumble didn’t ask for too many.

But there are also concerns:
1. Dinesh Karthik – looks woeful behind the stumps. While many may suggest the place be given to Parthiv Patel, I’m not entirely for that, esp for the decider Test. Patel will have to begin from square one, which is not the best thing to have in an important Test. It would be nice if Dravid could keep, but then again, keeping and batting at #3, may not be the best thing, and is close to impossible given that Kumble argued with selectors to include second wicketkeeper Parthiv in the squad. I expect no changes here.
2. The famed middle order haven’t really lived up to their name. Tendulkar whose record seemed beckoning will most likely not get it here. While he definitely isn’t out of form, he seems a little impatient. Ganguly, again isn’t out of form, needs to find ways to get some runs. Laxman who looked solid against Mendis in the first innings at Colombo hasn’t been able to carry that forward. Dravid, who looked miserable in the first Test, put up a gritty fight scoring 44 in the second innings at Galle – proof that the spirit and skill are both still there. I thought he deserved a fifty for that desperate effort. While he seems to be finding his lost touch, it’s still a work in progress.
3. Fielding – as always, fielding especially saving the one-s and two-s is important irrespective of the score being defended.

Victory is the best pain-killer they say. Adages don’t come any truer!


14 Responses to India win Galle Test on Day 4 – India in Sri Lanka 2008

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  2. rs says:

    It was a good win, largely setup by Viru, Gambhir and Ishant though – it could have easily gone the other way without their performances. I don’t think Bhajji bowled as well as his 10 wickets suggest. And SL managed to lose it – they capitulated easily letting the advantage slip after stamping their authority in the first match (they also lack the Aussie killer instinct).

  3. Apurv says:

    I am eating crow VM………….. and i am very happy eating it……….. i dont mind eating a 100 crows if it leads to an Indian test match victory.

  4. Wasim says:

    Sehwag and Gambhir were the main difference between the two teams, Ishaant also chose perfect time to return to form, SL batting folded too easily in the last innings.

  5. the illusion of ‘india’ coming from behind could not have been proved more perfectly but by this win…

    fab four couldnt laid bat to ball…india scored around 550 and around 375 came from openers in this match…out of which 250 from sehwag only…take this away and you know what i am talking about…

    kumble never looked like getting wicket…there too…only two player stood…

    india still facing more questions than sri lanka who lost the match…

  6. vmminerva says:

    @RS, I’m with you on Bhajji, which is why I guess it is said that scorecards do not tell the whole story.

    @Apurv, šŸ™‚ hope it doesn’t taste to bad.

    @Wasim, exactly. Ishant was the match winner to me. If he hadn’t got the top 3 early, it would have been a very different story.

    @SP, true. There’s still a lot of work to be done and questions that need answering. But I’m sure you’re not complaining abt the victory. šŸ™‚

  7. Soulberry says:

    I eat crow happily. I truly didn’t believe 20 wickets were possible by the Indian attack.

    But Sehwag…never any doubt. In fact, didn’t ZI expect him to break far beyond the 400 this series?

    Maybe next test, which is said to be on a reputed flat track. Hope India wins the toss and bats first…for a tall score could reverse the pressure onto the Lankans on a flat pitch and defand, to an extent, Mendis, who could be even more dangerous with a tall first innings score to back him.

    And of course, if India bats first and Sehwag plays five sessions…bye bye 400 ! bye bye Lara!

  8. Soulberry says:

    And maybe bye bye 952 Sri Lanka

  9. vmminerva says:

    @SB, Bye bye 952 Sri Lanka – only Sehwag could cause that. šŸ™‚

  10. ishant in bangladesh last year, when wicketless, and gng for runs, got a bollocking from the espn com team, then went on to scalp 5, a change in tone followed. it’s incredible how this guy has made it almost by default. you’d expect skill like his would be downright blatant. pity he doesn’t bowl with a quick who can mentor him. appears he may have to do the mentoring.

  11. vmminerva says:

    @Gaurav, true, one would expect it to be a blantant indeed. Perhaps he needed some help and go that in time. I remember that practice match in England last year, me and some folk at home used to make fun when he used to come out to bowl. We called him the “no-ball-bowler”. It didn’t stop there. We used to joke around that he will never get a wicket this way because the umpire was busy looking at where his foot lands! šŸ™‚ And this is the guy who troubled Ponting and has moved on very impressively.

  12. scorpicity says:

    LOL… there is one more test… We may all eat crow pepper fry

  13. vmminerva says:

    @Scorpy, crow pepper fry! šŸ™‚ Made me smile today.

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