Musings on Madurai – a Star Vijay serial

April 5, 2008

Hmm…so Saravanan (Mirchi Senthil) and Azhagi’s engagement is over on Star Vijay’s Madurai serial. That was expected. But none of what followed after that was expected. Neither was it impressive.

Vel Murugan (Gerald) seems to be turning out to be an irksome character. As a person who appreciates such a character’s influence on the story line, he is ok: still mysterious. But as a viewer, I hate Vel Murugan: not the actor, the charecter.

As for the story, I think there is now an obvious shift in the main plot line. The objective of the story now is to get Meenakshi (Srija Chandran) and Saravanan together. To me it seems like the family uniting will happen as more of a consequence.

Last week’s episodes, to me were less than mediocre. A lot of things witnessed last week like Veerapandi (Mu Ra) finding out about Meenakshi’s identity, the Devanai-Shaktivel ‘ney oothura’ bit, if I can call it that, and the Pandi-Murgesan-Azhagi trio were rather mundane and seemed to bring many of the threads of the story back to where it started: a sure-shot sign of a mega-serial. The only good thing is that we are beginning to feel the return of Saravanan from the early episodes, with a mind of his own. Also, the bit with Vel Murugan and Anbu adds a lot to the later’s character development. Anbu is showing signs of becoming a full blown character. Meenakshi’s disappearance or more precisely absence from the show was irritating. It seems to suggest some hesitation and lack of direction on the part of the writers.

Lets see. Looks like I may not mind missing a few episodes until there is some direction in the story.

Note to Mr. Gerald: Buck up man! Don’t ruin it!


Reactions to “Paadum Office” on Star Vijay

December 8, 2007

Amid my channel surfing to catch highlights of Yuvraj Singh’s sensational Test century today, I stumbled upon “Paadum Office”, a music contest for folks from the Chennai IT sector on Star Vijay. Incidentally, I had watched the earlier round last week and was surprised to find new snottier judges on today’s program. As I watched on, I had a strong reaction to a few things about this programme:

1. What exactly is the point in having a contest for IT professionals? To me it seems like entertainment for the sake of it, without any end to the means.

2. The snottiness and arrogance of the judges, esp, the Music College Principal appalled me. I understand that some contestants aren’t exactly nightingales, but to eliminate them even before singing one full line seems more like a witch hunt aimed to embarrass the contestants. A rebuttal to this concern of mine would be to say that one can tell a talented singer from a less-endowed one within seconds. Agreed, but, we must remember that these contestants aren’t professional singers, are bound to have some initial nervousness and need a few minutes for scale/shruthi alignment. What was completely “over-the-top” for me was one of the judge’s criticism of a contestant who chose to sing the shruthi-alignment phrase “Sa-Pa-Sa”. If neither of these arguments seems convincing enough, I will accept even that, but why broadcast the embarrassing bits? There is something called editing right?

I leave this with a note to Star Vijay and perhaps more precisely to the judges: treat the reality show contestants on this program with the respect that they deserve. These are responsible people who have a life, a job, and are trying to quench their thirst for exhibiting their music (which might have been their childhood passion, or something acquired in adolescence or later) by participating in the show. Treat them like human beings, nothing more!