India win NZ series 1-0

November 24, 2010


Could have been a more convincing series victory, had the pitches been more conducive. Credit to NZ for a good batting display in the first two matches of the series. Pity that they got a few bad decisions in the Nagpur Test from umpire Nigel Long. Despite, that I still believe the URDS referral system in its present form won’t help. What will help is the way umpires like Taufel refer when they aren’t sure. There’s an element of self-respect/ego from the umpires that takes a beating while doing that, but when they do let that go a little bit, it buys them back a lot respect.

Positives for India from this series:

1. Gambhir showing signs of returning to form from a temporary slump. The ODI series and added responsibility as captain might help that further.

2. Man of the Match Dravid finds his lost touch and gets runs! There cannot be better news before the SA tour starts. Yes, the conditions will be different there, but one know what to expect from a veteran.

3. Pace battery charged up – Ishant seems in great form. If Zaheer returns, both of them on SA pitches can be a handful. Sreeshant has had a good comeback too.

Can’t wait for South Africa!

Sreesanth gives it back Aussie style!

October 13, 2007

After bullying Hayden, Gilchrist and Symonds in the past few matches he played, he also rattled Symonds with his little “clapping at his face” in the Chandigarh ODI. Even when he isn’t part of the playing 11, he is irritating the Aussies; and it takes a lot to do that.

If the Aussies thought it is over; no siree…there is more. “..I’ll tell Australia, just concentrate on your game rather than thinking about me or other guys..”, said Sreesanth in a recent interview. That’s a classic Aussie taunt! Go Sreeshant! Whack ’em!

 Having said all of that, it would be nice to see him play the next few ODIs, for there is, to quote Ponting “nothing to loose”. It’s OK to lose a match, but not like Vadodara, not without a fight. If you want a fight, I’d say, look no further than Sreesanth.