Om Shanti Om Soundtrack rocks!

November 2, 2007

It has been almost a month since I first heard the soundtrack from Om Shanti Om and I’m still listening to it. The soundtrack has kept me company mostly while unit testing my code or writing those mundane DAO classes at work, so I feel obliged to write (or should I say croon) about it here. Interestingly, I unwittingly chose to write about OSO today, it being Shah Rukh Khan’s birthday. Happy Birthday Shah Rukh!

Alright, about the music, I think it a good mix a soft-sweet songs and racy item number. Of the 12 songs, 4 are remixed (faster pace with disco-ish feel), and one is the instrumental theme. In the version I received, Ajab Si is the first song, a very sweet, pleasantly haunting number rendered by KK. It is the kind of song you can listen to with your eyes closed and feel at peace. One refreshing thing about this song that I feel obliged to comment on is that there isn’t much of that distracting electronic music. I will guarantee you that listening to this once will have you humming it endlessly. Another tidbit I can’t resist holding back, it was this song that featured in the Headlines Today segment (speculating about the MS Dhoni and Deepika Padukone link) that I wrote about earlier.

In total contrast to Ajab Si is Dard-e-disco, a racy one by Sukwinder Singh; after the title song in Chak de India, he makes magic again with this song. I loved this one and its remix. Dewangi is a happy number full of energy and has woken me up from a good number of naps at my desk in the afternoons :); here again the ‘original’ and the remix don’t fail to please. Mein Agar Kahoon and Jag Soona Soona (the next two songs) are more of the wistful-sounding ones; my only issue with the latter is with the beginning where the female lead seems to drill through your ears; the rest of the song is worthy of listening a good number of times. What follows is another happy number Dhoom Taana. Here again the blaring instrumentals that are used at the beginning seem to ruin the rest of a good number. Song number 7 Daastan-e Om Shanti Om, is a moderately paced darkish song by Shaan is also done very well. My guess is that this features when the Om played by Shah Rukh from the 70s gives way to the one from the 90s. The remix numbers of Dard-e-disco, Dewangi, and Daasthan all impressed considerably in that order with Daasthan-remix being a distant third. The mother-of-all-remixes appears under the name of ‘Om Shanti Om Medley‘. This is basically a mix of all the songs (except Ajab Si) with a disco-ish feel to it. The concluding piece is the ‘Om Shanti Om theme’ which is an instrumental version of the medley mix with a few variations thrown in.

In summary, a very good soundtrack album, in fact the best I’ve heard since Dhoom 2; having said that, I must add that I think this one is way better than Dhoom 2 with the balance and variety it offers. I will give it a whopping 95 out of 100. If you haven’t heard it, you’re missing out!

The Mad Mad Indian Media: Dhoni in the news for reasons other than cricket

October 25, 2007

What has gone wrong with us? I had a strong reaction to the Headline news segment earlier this month which started the madness surrounding Dhoni and Deepika Padukone. But it seems to be getting worse.

All major cable news channels, for the past two days, NDTV included, stooped down to levels lower than I have previously seen them careen towards. On TimesNow, Dhoni’s mane made for flash news; on NDTV there was a special segment yesterday and it was also featured on the sports segment today. This is just ridiculous. I don’t really care who Dhoni is dating or what his hairstyle is and why he changed it; neither do I care if Yuvraj is growing his nails long enough for sponsors to rent space on it.

I almost didn’t blog about this until I found some like minded people venting off about this in the BlogSphere. It is very heartening to see that there are some folks around who want news to be what it should be. Check out these people’s thoughts on this:

IdliDosa’s blog
Dazzledooey’s blog

I used to joke about the US media and about how bizarre it is that Britney Spears’ lip job or Angelina Jolie’s umpteenth adoption was making it to the headlines. The Indian media now, sadly, is not any different.

The analogy now stands thus:

Britney’s lip job: US Media :: Dhoni’s mane: Indian Media

Ok, rant over.