KKR stun Delhi – Dada rocks the Eden

April 8, 2010

Sourav Ganguly never fails to inspire, at least for me. Delhi started the 180-plus chase fairly well, even after the early departure of David Warner. Viru and Sehwag chased in a way that is charesteristic only to them. But Gambhir’s wicket was key. After that, though there was Sehwag at one end, the others seemed jittery.

Some excellent fielding from Dada and and inspired bowling changes help turn KKR’s fortunes. After Sehwag, it was all downhill. Good to see KKR win.

Woo hoo! Rock it, Dada.


IPL 3: Cometh the monster

March 12, 2010

Today is the day. The Monster returns to India and we can hear the crass jingle. Controversies apart, despite my  ambivalence towards T20 and the IPL itself, I must admit that I am a bit excited.

Teams I will be supporting this year :

Kolkata Knight Riders – KKR – Wishing Dada and SRK some luck
Delhi Daredevils – DD – A team with Sehwag in it deserves to win
Bangalore Royal Challengers – RCB – Gotta like Kumble, Dravid, et all

Indifferent about:

Chennai Super Kings – CSK – Flat track bullies
Mumbai Indians – MI – Really, if they don’t make it to the top 4 this time, there is no excuse
Kings XI Punjab – (what’s their acronym really?) – Snore…

Batsmen I will be watching for:

Virender Sehwag – Viru, show us the Say-Wah!g
Sourav Ganguly – a true Dada fan will not lose an opportunity to scream DA-DA!
Mathew Hayden – Mongoose bat or not, he will be one to watch out for
Adam Gilchrist – Too many blistering innings to not watch this man
Rahul Dravid – A from-the-heart Dravid fan will always be rooting for RD!
Others – Greame Smith, Virat Kohli, Shane Warne, Sangakkara, Jayasuriya, Tendulkar, JP Duminy.. this list will grow!

Ganguly sidelined….Again!

March 25, 2009

Deja vu strikes. At the risk of sounding like an irrational fan, why does this keep happening to Sourav? How many public insults does the man deserve? I’m sure the Dada-haters will be unfurling the scroll again, but seriously, I ask why? Is that streak of arrogance, or the Princely power hunger, or perhaps the defiance of authority that has epitomized the Sourav that we know?

To me, an IPL free spirit – who doesn’t give too much about the fact that’s it’s moved to South Africa, or that it’s even happening this year – Ganguly’s sidelining as captain makes it the IPL all the more insignificant. I’m sure I’m not alone for there were many of us Ganguly fans who were not too long ago haunting Reebok stores in the cities scouting for KKR T-shirts. Maybe we don’t need that KKR T-shirt anymore for now we do not have a team to support!

The KKR team derives it’s spirit from Ganguly. From the point of view of the team management, that the sidelining happened this year, when there wouldn’t be a match played in Kolkata is smart. But Kolkata does not forget or forgive.

“…let’s wait and see..” was what Ganguly had to say on the issue. Yes, we shall definitely wait and see how Kolkata reacts.

Sourav Ganguly: What he’s meant to me

November 11, 2008

Yes, the Australia series, is over. Yes, India have won it 2-0. Yes, Ganguly is really retiring. Yes, I’ve already written my Ode to Ganguly. But this is a little different and more personal, more rambly and possibly incoherent.

There is one person I always think of when I think of Sourav Ganguly: my friend from school. If it wasn’t for her, I would never have understood what it is to be a Ganguly fan. When we first discussed Ganguly – it came up casually, as we were discussing the 99 World Cup- she not only re-kindled in me the passing interest I had in Indian cricket then, but planted in my heart the love of a generation of cricketers and the glorious game. Here’s to you, my dear friend, and thank you a million! I may never have thanked you for this, but I mean every word of this. I may have detracted you that I was a Dravid fan (thought I turned out to be that too), may have hid my excitement when Ganguly was made captain, 8 years ago to this very day, but I think you know that I was a truly a Dada-fan (and continue to be).

Ganguly on Debut at Lords

Ganguly on Debut at Lord's

Pic Source: Cricinfo

With Ganguly’s retirement today, I feel a sense of void, for apart from other reasons, his moving also takes away a bit of the childhood that I’ve continued to live to this day, for Ganguly’s India brings to me many cherished memories: the sneaking from school to find out the score, the discussion over whether Rani Mukherjee or Sourav Ganguly represented Bengal better, the yearning for rain in May just to reminisce the World Cup ’99, watching cricket at night from different time zones with red eyes and having to go to a ghostly early class the next morning, that fateful March ’03 night of the World Cup final, the stupid match day superstitions, and many more. Maybe some memories will linger along with Tendulkar and Dravid, but the spirit of the Big Three, the Holy Trinity, the triumvirate, or whatever you want to call that, retires today, though the legacy will live on. Perhaps it was only fitting that Ganguly’s last battle was against Australia and that very apt that he left more people asking why Sourav and why not somebody else. But a fan will always rue his idol’s retirement!

On a sillier note, I feel for not being able to the wordpress tags ‘The Big 3 of Indian Cricket’, ‘The Big Three of Indian Cricket’, ‘The Fab Four’ anymore! The tags will retire along with Ganguly, but Sourav Dada Ganguly Maharaj – as fellow blogger Soulberry calls him – will forever remain in my heart entwined with cherished memories of my own childhood.

Thank you, once again, Sourav, and Best wishes for a happy and healthy new innings!

Sourav bids farewell – an Ode to Ganguly

October 7, 2008

I’m shocked. Not because I haven’t been reading the news, or because I’m ignorant, but because I’m a fan. We – and I speak for fans of Sourav – knew it was coming, cringed when cynics suggested that it was already time, spit fire when critics judged, but it is only when that finality strikes that you feel it. We shall shed a few tears today and I will not say do not cry, for not all tears are evil, as Gandalf would have said. Perhaps it is only fitting to quote Gandalf here, as Ganguly has risen from the ashes time and again.

Ever since he first set foot into the international arena, up until now, there was some non-cricketing reason to drop him. And he came back more emphatically each time. It is in this fighting spirit that Ganguly truly embodies the wholesomeness of being a cricketer. It is this very spirit that lead us to many famous victories. It is this arrogance that saw us beat Australia on that historic day in 2001. It is this spirit that has given us a generation of confident cricketers. Not only crickters – Ganguly inspired an entire nation. It isn’t in too many countries that effigies are burnt for one man, or too many times that a jingoistic nation cheers for the opposition team in the support of the man who was dropped from the team and in expressing disgust for the other man who brought about that.

It has been sometime since I’ve felt this kind of emotion. But Ganguly has always evoked such responses from people. There was never an “in-between” about him. You must either love him or hate him. For love, here is my clumsy attempt at an Ode to Ganguly:

Sourav! Whatever you might be to other people,
to your fans you will always be Dada,
The Tiger, fierce and ever so arrogant,
the Maharaj, so Princely,
Captain so adorable
We will forever ask why now, for we love you
We will miss that arrogant shimmy down to wicket,
even the innocent blinking
We will miss the powerful sixes
and the sweetly timed boundaries through
the off side which you made your very own
We will miss the mind games that you have
played so well, the emphatic interviews,
and the media drama
that always surrounds you

We will stop not there

but thank you for many
of your glorious deeds:
for lifting us from the abyss
of match-fixing scandals
for giving us many away victories
for giving new meaning
to India-Australia
for taking us to a World Cup Final
that we still think you deserved
and above all for being a
Captain who among a
myriad other deeds
taught us to believe!

Thank you, Sourav, for all the wonderful memories that I will cherish for a life time. Here’s wishing you a glitterring series against that very team you fought hard against!

Jai Ganguly!