A little celebration – I got on Bangalore Mirror

October 12, 2008

Allow me a humble celebration. I’ve wanted to when I completed one year of blogging, but the Sri Lanka series wasn’t going too well. So I waited for 20K hits, and I just passed it. I didn’t want to do this now, as the Aussie series is going on, but I found out today that I got on Bangalore Mirror’s Blog Park. So am doing this little party on an impulse.

Let me take this moment to thank my fellow bloggers and regular visitors Soulberry, Ottayan, Gaurav, Trideep, Scorpicity, Straight Points and Som who have all been providing insights here for close to a year now. You’ve all inspired me in more ways than one. Keep writing and keep visiting. Thanks also to some of the newer folks who’ve been visiting: Q (from Well Pitched), UTP, RS, Ankit, Abhist, NenoCricket, Ankit, Rahul, Apurv, Buzz, Kshitij (from Dravid fan’s blog) and Chris David. Thanks to other occasional visitors Homer, Isaac and just about anybody else who maybe lurking or passing by.

Every comment is just as exciting as the very first. Thanks a ton, folks.

I will not hog more space for myself on what has become a cricket blog. Cheers!