India’s tour of England 2011 – Dravid’s first Test century at Lords

India’s tour of England 2011 – Dravid’s first Test century at Lords

Dravid’s journey began at this very ground. One could almost call it his home away from home (by his own high standards, Dravid has never done well at home). That summer day in 1996, a young lad with a lot of expectation in those eyes, set out, maybe not specifically in search of a hundred, but nevertheless burst onto the scene. That day, he fell short by a few days. This day, 15 years from then, he made it! A century at Lords, – the home of cricket. A man on wrong side of 30s, having almost nothing to prove to anyone- for many a great deeds he has done in the years that have passed- but always something to prove to himself, Dravid will find his name in the famed hall where it belongs, with other mighty warriors. The war is always the same, only the manner different.

Many fans and ardent followers will have a deep sense of satisfaction – for a gentleman of the game. God bless the man who has brought much happiness to India!


2 Responses to India’s tour of England 2011 – Dravid’s first Test century at Lords

  1. Keshav says:

    God bless him indeed.. that moment he leaped in the air; showed what it meant to the great man! i got emotional too.. there is something more special about Dravid centuries than the Sachin centuries.. i get so happy seeing both; but the happiness in Dravid’s give me something more; dont know what.. i guess thats why I chose to idolise him when the rest of the world were worshiping SRT!!

  2. vmminerva says:

    Ah yes. SRT centuries are nice, but don’t have that emotional baggage. I know many folks, from 20+ to seniors, housewives to working execs, who really feel a Dravid century. Maybe it’s the domicility, maybe not. Whatever it is it is special

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