Gala Opening for the Commonwealth Games 2010

I must say that after all the muck that has surrounded the CW Games, the grand gala opening seems to herald a new begining. As an Indian sport enthusiast I felt an emotion that I hadn’t felt since Perth 2008 when Indian cricket team bt the Aussies at their fortress. The opening ceremony was definitely world class; in fact the proud Indian in me would say it’s the best I’ve seen and has perhaps set  new standards!

The drum fiesta was inviting and the children’s Swagatham sequence very original. It was good to see something as characteristically Indian as mehendi make it on the grand stage. The little ones must have practiced a lot. Bless them! The multi-state dance was short and sweet, and the yoga item well done. The Tour of India piece, featured by the Indian Railways, though rather longish I think featured a near exhaustive list of  folk and neo-classical dance traditions, customs, and local specialities in including the dabbawallahs and chai wallahs. Rahman’s performance was well, what to say, truly Rahman. And best of all, thankfully, the politicians and others kept their speeches short!

Jai Ho India!


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