Pujara in, Yuvraj out for Test against Aus

Finally the call has been answered. Pujara gets what he has been long due. I’m personally happy that Pujara made it without Dravid losing out – some were expecting that. Hope he gets into the playing XI and makes his mark.

Yuvraj on the other hand, deserves the ouster. The temperment has been off color and that added to his current form and fitness woes and other weaknesses, esp against spin must have played a role in the selector’s decision. While I have my reservations with some of Cheeka’s methods, this team is decent and there wasn’t a need for major amends (apart from Yuvraj). In the back on my mind, there is a slight bit of feeling for Yuvraj – it is the ODIs and T20 that have gone bad for him. The last 2 test innings weren’t too bad; but unfortunately, that ‘s how things work.


4 Responses to Pujara in, Yuvraj out for Test against Aus

  1. as the feeling is sinking in… i don’t think yuvi getting dropped from the team is necessarily is comment in his form…

    there was only one spot available in final xi which raina has claimed for a while with his century and a fifty… so yuvi could not have replace raina in final xi and he still is big player to be allowed to sit on bench… add to it the pressure for pujara inclusion they have no choice but to ‘drop’ yuvi…

  2. vmminerva says:

    @SP, “big player to sit on the bench” is an interesting angle. I’m excited abt watching Pujara.

  3. Soulberry says:

    The tough part begin now. He has to get into the Test XI to begin batting. How does that happen? Raina will probably play ahead of him based on his last performance and surely Dravid, Sachin and Lax are not to be disturbed unless a mystery injury or illness afflicts them. It’s still a long way from there to success.

    It’s good and we applaud Cheeka for not shirking this selection.

  4. vmminerva says:

    True, SB. There’s a long way to go. Another disappointment is that this is a 2 test series.

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