CSK vs. the Bushrangers – one heck of a match

Cricket is still alive! That was one hell of a match that went down to the wire, burnt the wire and proceeded to the Super Over. Chennai Super Kings’s tactics vs. the Aussies was a treat to watch. While many may take issue with Ashwin bowling the super over, I think Dhoni’s choice was a decent one. Maybe my choice would have been Raina, and yes, that’s a mighty gamble. But that’s the thing with gambles; if you pull it off it looks great, if you don’t it looks ridiculous.

Victoria Bushrangers did well to tie the match. Liked to see the spunk from Peter Siddle. The tournament is still alive for them as well. CSK’s aren’t in too much trouble, so this result opens up the table for their group a bit more. It’ll be interesting to see who makes it.

Having said all that, I think the tied result needs to stay that way even in a T20. It’s a significant result with a special meaning.


2 Responses to CSK vs. the Bushrangers – one heck of a match

  1. namya says:

    add to that the MI v RCB yesterday.. And yes a tie should be a tie and should not be taken to the super over.. but guess what that does to the potential (?) American viewership which likes to see a clear winner 🙂

  2. vmminerva says:

    Yes, RCB losing was a pity. Serious, pity. 😦 I was “yesss-ss”-ing all the way till the last ball. Got to feel for Kohli.

    Got your point abt potential and viewership. The IPL and related tournaments have become very biz oriented. In such cases, sometimes ppl fail to realize that biz is selling a product. If one tweaks the product too much, there is greater risk involved.

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