Champions League begins!

Amid the match fixing spot fixing scandal, we have tournament. It would be nice to see some good cricket.

Mumbai play the Lions today. Since Lions are a South African side, this should be a good match. It’ll also be a good test for the Dhawans and the Tiwarys.

Here’s to good cricket!


5 Responses to Champions League begins!

  1. Soulberry says:

    What a relief it will be!

    I haven’t been focussed on the CL this time, but will learn te teams as I go along 🙂

    Mumbai is a strong team.

  2. vmminerva says:

    Hi SB. Yes, looks like it’ll be a decent tournament. Mumbai sank though. 😦

  3. soulberry says:

    Would you believe that! Looking at their line up it is difficult to imagine they choke so often.

    They have almost the best players of different countries in their ranks.


  4. vmminerva says:

    True. wonder what will happen today. Big match Blore vs. Mumbai.

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