Dravid! Oh dear Dravid!

It pains a fan to see the idol nearly fall. The fall here is only in the mind, but the damage nearly the same.

Any follower of Dravid would be disheartened to the see his decline over the years. Even to acknowledge the pattern as decline is harsh for us. Back in 2007-08, the averages were falling, the man was dropped from ODIs, was struggling to put bat to ball, was getting bowled uncharecteristically early in his innings, and we said then he was only out of form and that class had to be permanent. But many did not agree. Even the self professed Dravid fan, Balajhi, urged Dravid to go. Yet the very stubborn amongst us held on to the hope. And we were rewarded. The class returned in 2009. Dravid scored prolificly in the tour to New Zealand and ended the 2009-10 season with a dizzying average of 95.3 and we cheered the return of the Wall !

The new season has not begun too well for dear Dravs. The current SL series has left him with an average of 19 and a top score of 44. And the skeptics and pained fans alike have returned. SB suggests Dravid do some thinnking for it is not befitting of a great man to “plunge into the realm of statistically good”. While I agree with the essense of SB’s argument, numbers do not tell the entire tale. Dravid is now merely short of runs. The class the there, the feet are moving, the strokes are there, the runs need to add up. I do however have my doubts. Dravid has statistically been a better player overseas. The next two series against the Aussies and NZ are in India. It will almost be end of year when India begin their tour of South Africa. Dravid needs to score some big ones at home for the comfort feel to return. The Champions League in South Africa will give us some cues.

Despite the odds, the fan always hopes, hopes for not only the best, but for the near impossible too. There was life in Dravid’s exult when Laxman lead India to victory in the third test a few days. That to me in the spirit of a man determined to succeed. Prove me right, Dravs!

18 Responses to Dravid! Oh dear Dravid!

  1. namya says:


    I hope so too 🙂 There are signs of ageing/ bad form though.. He has been getting out in the 70s too often of late instead of getting a big one. But I still believe he has a year or two left in him and the usual TINA factor may save him from being axed over the next 2 series

  2. Ottayan says:

    As India has very few Test matches lined up, I believe luck is also against him. For starters, I do not see him getting much chance to prove his form.

  3. vmminerva says:

    @Namya, nice to see you around after a long time. TINA? Lost you there.
    Let’s keep hoping. Cheers!

  4. vmminerva says:

    @Ott, where have you been? Glad to hear from you! It’s been ages since any of us have seen you around. What happened to your cricketnewsonlinelive blog?

  5. namya says:

    There Is No Alternative 🙂

  6. sathwik says:

    I am the greatest fan of Dravid and he is not doing well since the last 38 test matches. After 104 tests, his average was 58.75 with 9049 In the next 38 tests, he has scored amere 2446 @ 38.8. Had he retired in late 2006, he would have been in the top six of alltime highest batting averages. Gooing by his lofty standards, he should have scored another 1500 runs @11.5 tests per thousand runs. More importantly, he has not scored a hundred in a tough condition outside India. 52.94 is not the right average for a player who averaged 58.75 after 100 test matches.

  7. its not only about dravid… if we keep saying so and so player has left 1-2 years of cricket left in him then be ready to witness a potential vacuum without any complaint… and then everybody would laugh at us that even when the examples were there (oz mass exodus) we didn’t learn…

    sorry bit cold but i am afraid this is exactly what its going to happen…

  8. vmminerva says:

    @Namya, thanks for clarifying. True, TINA problem does exsist.

    @SP, I can empathize with your sentiments (while I may not agree fully in this case, but that’s just the irrational side in me). Had the batsmen in question been Yuvraj, I’ve would have had even stronger opinions. However, there are times when we need to think in terms of using the resources at hand as efficiently as possible. The problem with our selection system is that there is never any plan and hardly any dialogue. I think that is done intentionally. There are folks who have their interests in keeping the system non-transparent. Where are the India-A tours? Why aren’t they happening more often? That is where talent must be nurtured. So the negative impact from the problem of mass exodus can be greatly reduced. You’re right, I don’t see that happening.

    Look at the way the Aussies are planning. Though it may not be perfect (Watson et all) and that is a topic for another day, at least it makes sense. No one is rushing Ponting into retirement. I don’t recall that with Waugh either. It is sad that there is no such hope in our system and therefore the players see a need to hang on to the rope, even if it is by a thread.

  9. vmminerva says:

    @sathwik, welcome to my blog. Yes, the numbers aren’t there. While it is nice to go while on a high, sometimes there is sweetness in fighting. So one can be satisfied that one gave one’s all.

  10. Ottayan says:

    Thats a long story VM. However you can find me blogging http://midoff.blogspot.com

  11. N.Balajhi says:

    Thanks for the mention VM. It’s painful to see Dravid getting out cheaply. Two years back I put up the linked article because I strongly believed he has nothing more to offer. He was a mere shadow of the Dravid of the yore. I was happy to be proved wrong. But the happiness is short lived. Missed series, due to injury, against SA when in form didn’t help him. But then the situation this time around is different. I don’t see any poor batting just that he found ways to get out aided by some poor luck. Also he has poor record in SL. So I just hope his dip in form is a short lived one. If he can handle this dip better then he would surely emerge with good performances against Australia. I badly want him to play against SA in SA. There is a score to settle. Fingers crossed.

  12. Keshav says:

    The one thing that you gotta admire about Dravid is, he has the most loyal fans who continue on his side even when he is really really down. Seeing this blog and the comments made me so immensely happy. He deserves, fully deserve our prayers, our tears and what not! I actually shunned work and sat in the cafeteria getting ready to witness a Dravid special in the chase, bet my life that he would be the one to do it; but it was not to be, took some time for me to realise what had happened and… I had tears; in wide public view when I realised what actually happened. As of now, Indian selectors can’t drop him as there is no replacement, hoping and praying for a good series (as always) against Australia. Apologies for the long rant, but the name “Dravid” just brings it all out..

  13. Keshav says:

    Actually, rushed to comment before reading the last paragraph; my love for Laxman comes right after my love for Dravid; and I was really touched and overjoyed at the genuine happiness on Dravid’s face when his team won! and thats exactly why he is loved! The way he walked out to hug Laxman and celebrate his team’s victory!! 🙂

  14. vmminerva says:

    @Ott, good that you’re back now. Cheers!

  15. vmminerva says:

    @N.Balajhi, great to see you here. Welcome! True, this time around it isn’t poor batting. The strokes are there. You’re right, he just found ways to get out. I look forward very much to that SA series. This time around it will be different and bit more challenging as well. Remember that the Saffers might now know a bit more abt Dravid since they play togather for the RCB. Can’t wait, seriously. Let me join the finger cross club 🙂

  16. vmminerva says:

    @Keshav, please don’t apologize for the rant. That’s what we’re here for – to share thoughts. Enjoyed reading your story abt shunning work to watch in innings at the cafeteria. That must have been hard after the way it turned out. I have at times taken off to watch a Dravid innings. It’s sometimes nice to express emotion; there’s a sense of satisfaction in that too. I now recall a senior citizen acquiantance who felt very bad whenever Dravs got out cheaply. His work ethic elicits such emotion. Laxman is another gem. Good to see the camaraderie.

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