India’s tour of SL – Test 3 – Day 2

What are the chances of winning a toss 3 times in a row? Simple probability yields 12.5%. SL have managed that this time. If my memory serves me right, England won the toss 4 times in a row in 2005(?) Ashes. That a chance of 6.25%.

I would have said there needs be a built-in fairness mechanisms, but more often than not, such “fairness” mechanisms turn out to be disastrous. Given the state of affairs of cricket and the kind of folk that “administer” it, better to leave it as is.

Moving on.

Am I the only one bored of watching India playing catch up? At least the pitch isn’t dead this time. Maybe SL will get another result in their favor?

Sehwag is the only reason I’m watching the Indian batting. After Dravid, that is. If the team management is serious about its Test cricketers, they need to find ways to give their Test-only folks some match practice before heading out on tours. If not, we’re just wasting talent. But who listens to me? Pity to see Dravid go the way he did today. It was nice to see some good shots early on. The cricket is still there folks. Wonder if Laxman will do any better.

Hope Sehwag gets his 100 tomorrow. Maybe 200. Maybe even 300. Are we getting a little greedy here?


3 Responses to India’s tour of SL – Test 3 – Day 2

  1. fx4x says:

    your good topic i have read every day

  2. Megha says:

    I nearly fainted when I saw RD with a SR higher than Sehwag at one point…but it was too good to last, wasn’t it 🙂

    Maybe 4th time will be a charm as far as runs on this tour are concerned..

  3. vmminerva says:

    Yes, Megha. Same thought crossed my mind abt the strike rate. Pity the second innings didn’t go too well. It’s been hard for us, hasn’t it?

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