India’s Tour of SL 2010: It starts with mysteries

Am I the only one to be surprized by Mendis’s exclusion?  He and Murali bowling from either ends gave the famed Tendulkar-Ganguly-Dravid-Laxman laden Indian lineup a run for their money in 2008. It would have been worth it to see how they rack up this time. One wonders if there was some under-the-table BCCI wrestling. One sure hopes not.

Why is Murali retiring after just one Test? Why not play the remaining two of the series?

If there’s one mystery, it’s that the umpire referral system is not be used in the India-SL series. No surprizes there?


2 Responses to India’s Tour of SL 2010: It starts with mysteries

  1. from being mystery bowler to the one who is mystic about his career prospects the fall has been steep for mendis…

    i think his performance in india test series as well as his recent performance made it sure that there was no mystery on his getting dropped from the sl team… 🙂

  2. vmminerva says:

    @SP, you’re in great form. I need to perk up mine. But, seriously, one thought maybe the in-India test series which was while ago might not count as much. Pity!

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