Argh… CSK pull it off against KKR

One must feel for Sourav Ganguly. First there was the outburst after the loss to RCB, then this is the response. As a die-hard Sourav fan, I honestly felt for this loss of KKR, and switched off the TV midway thru the match, knowing its direction. It was like going down the memory lane thru the many defeats India suffered to a world class Australian team in the late 90s under Ganguly, the difference being that was Aus and this was merely Chennai (further, they were 50 over matches, which offers more hope for even in hopeless situations, but I will not go there now). So much for city-support, I live in Chennai and I don’t recall myself ever having supported them :), and proudly so. For more on the city support phenomenon, fellow blogger SP has a full fledged post here.

Feelings apart, KKR need to perform a lot better than this to deserve a place in the semis.  The  top order almost never fire;  if they  do, the middle order flops. Despite all odds, if they happen to put up a decent total, the bowlers find a way to mess it up royally. The team management seriously need to think about Ajit Agarkar’s place in team. It was shocking that he managed to get several games.

It will be interesting to see who all will qualify for the semis. Only Mumbai have a confirmed spot. KKR will now have to beat Rajasthan Royals and Mumbai with a very good run rate and hope the other results go their way.


4 Responses to Argh… CSK pull it off against KKR

  1. thanks for the mention vm… i think not even ganguly would be feeling sorry for KKR coz they deserved this thrashing (much like DD y’day)…

    but what was refreshing to see yesterday was raina actually looking to score off side!! that now he looks off side as scoring option too as i suggested earlieronly if he can sustain this new found liking he will be more successful without much altering his game…

  2. namya says:

    Somehow I have never really supported CSK and RCB.. It may be a case of too little too late for KKR though..

  3. Som says:

    Agarkar remains an enigma. You never know what to do with him. Every time he’s in your line-up, rival teams heave a sigh of relief. The guy has not changed one bit since his debut and I simply don’t know how he continues to find team.

  4. vmminerva says:

    @SP, you’re welcome! I know DD need to do better. I hope they don’t lose it vs. CSK today. They are already 3 down. I’m too nervous to watch.
    Nice obs on Raina. Can he sustain, is the question as always.

    @Namya, KKR need miracles now.

    @Som, “..every time he’s in your line-up, rival teams heave a sigh of relief…”. That said it!

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