IPL 3: Mumbai India vs. Royal Challengers Bangalore

This promises to be a cracker. Mumbai have won all that they have played and Bangalore the last two.

I would pip Bangalore here on momentum. But there are weaknesses, esp when batting first. Bowling has been traditionally good, going by last season’s standard; however this is India and the conditions in Mumbai may not be like last match’s Bangalore track. Kallis and Dravid are the staples, one can expect at least 60 from them put togather, if not more. Uthappa is a wild cracker – it may burst big or just fizzle out.

Mumbai have the Jayasuriya factor. Tiwary and Rayudu are also doing well. But the bowling can be suspect at time.

Can’t wait for 8pm.


4 Responses to IPL 3: Mumbai India vs. Royal Challengers Bangalore

  1. Trideep Basu says:

    These are the two teams to watch out for this season. May be a dress rehearsal of Finals.. I think it will be MI today.. there batting looks stronger and they have more players performing, esp the local players.


  2. vmminerva says:

    Tri, i like your idea that its a dress rehearsal for the finals. I was happy to see BRC win ysdy!

  3. soulberry says:

    Mumbai has come on well this year. Sachin and Dhawan have led the charge from the top. Malinga and Zak – bowlers in the top 5 of the Purple Cap leaderboard – have decapitated opposition, also from the top. Harbhajan has been miserly.

    RCB looks strong and are playing strongly but their batting can be stressed.

    Are you making it to the grounds Vic?

  4. vmminerva says:

    Nice to see you around, SB. True, Mumbai has been a steam roller this season. Good to see that a good team is doing well. I’m with you in your judgment of RCB batting. It lacks that Oomph power that some teams’ top order have.

    Nope, i haven’t been making to any of the matches. Im happily watching it at home – with the unavoidable interruptions.

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