IPL 3: Two crackers today – RCB vs. KKR, CSK vs. DC

Royal Challengers Bangalore will not have forgotten their first against KKR in the first edition’s opener. Yet, I would like to think they will be better prepared this time. There is no McCullum this time, but there is Pujara- the batting sensation from Saurasthra.

Factors against RCB – this edition is in India. You’ve got to be a flat track bully here to garner any respect. Judging by the recently concluded series against South Africa, the Saffers don’t seem to be in great form. This might play on RCB’s mind.

KKR are playing at home. Theywill have tremendous support. This is the Eden. It can be paradise if it is home and ruthlessly evil for the opponent. This will be fun to watch. As for me, I like both teams. May the better team win!

CSK will open their account against the DCs. I will watch this for CSK and will root for them; though I’m indifferent about them, I care a rat’s hind for the Deccan Chargers – so less that they didn’t even merit a mention in my indifferent list.


4 Responses to IPL 3: Two crackers today – RCB vs. KKR, CSK vs. DC

  1. Trideep Basu says:

    KKR has no managed to defeat the top two teams from last year. Looks like KKR are getting their act together under SG.

    DC v CSK will be a good match. Both teams have got good batting with bowling being the weak link. Will be interesting to see how it goes.

  2. vmminerva says:

    Pity about CSK. The moment Hayden walked out without the Mongoose bat, I sensed there were jitters in the CSK camp.

  3. namya says:

    Hey VMM,

    Nice to see you back in form..


  4. vmminerva says:

    Thanks, Namya. Glad you stopped by. Cheers!

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