IPL 3 Quickie: KKR find some luck

Is it Dada or what? 😉 Or is it the blue-ish violet uniform?

Honestly, it’s a long way to the top 4, and the tournament has just started. But it’s always nice to see Dada winning. That it’s against the chargers is a bit more special to me – never really cared for DC as a team.

The crowness again shall be King!

Jai Ganguly!


4 Responses to IPL 3 Quickie: KKR find some luck

  1. that was the match between two teams i hate so much for various reasons… and always wondered whom i hate more… but by the time match ended it answered me that i hate dc more than kkr… i ended up supporting kkr when they were going to win…

  2. vmminerva says:

    SP, I actually dozed off as DC batted. KKR weren’t getting any wickets; there was no point. I read the paper to find out who won.

    Why do you hate KKR, btw? Last year’s performance?

  3. oh… the reasons are many starting from john Buchanan multiple captain’s theory and their owner’s spinelessness for allowing it… and never ending itch to get onto anything for a publicity… and to some extent, sorry to say that, but ganguly too…

  4. vmminerva says:

    Hmm, fair enough. May be this year will be different. Lets see..

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