Sachin 200 – A jewel but…

March 11, 2010

Ten years ago, most of us would have thought, if there was one person who could reach 200 in an ODI, it was Sachin. However, five years ago, most of us would have agreed that he may not get there. Yet, on the day that he did, Sachin was blistering! It was the 28th over when Sachin reached 100 and the commentator said, perhaps jokingly that maybe if he’d bat another 28, he’d get to 200. And when he did, we went berserk.

However, amid the deja vu,  there was something bothering.  Maybe if the media were a little less boasting of Tendulkar, if we did a little less counting of the 50s, the twelve thousand-th run, the nth “over the slip” shot, this would have meant more. For the many who are “uninitiated” in this mad counting, this phenomenal landmark was “just another one”. This landmark of Sachin’s will remain a jewel, but maybe instead of the crass glare, it could have been a
shimmering diamond.