Why India lost to Pakistan? – ICC Champions Trophy 2009

The freakish record we held against Pakistan is gone now and I can’t say it doesn’t hurt. Granted, Pakistan weren’t the strongest team of the 8 that play the Champions Trophy. But there have been other times lately when they weren’t as strong, but we weren’t this disrespectful either.

India went about this pompously. We didn’t respect Pakistan as a worthy opponent on the cricket field. We expected to throw some stuff at them and for them to fall prey to it. They don’t have batting solidity; their bowlers don’t have the experience; Afridi is a freak; Yousuf is selfish; Asif may not play. All this we said; maybe for a second, even if we forgive such arrogance, we cannot pardon the disrespect for the history that has been India-Pakistan cricket. India didn’t see this a match they must win, didn’t see it as stepping stone to the semi final, didn’t even see it as a clash worth its popcorn money. They saw it as just some cricket match. If we lose this, we need to win the other two.  That’s all it was.

If India lose to Australia and the West Indies and don’t make it to the semis, I won’t feel as let down as I felt after this loss. India-Pakistan was special, and it doesn’t seem to be anymore. That is a loss that’s hard to explain but will leave most Indian cricket fans with a dull headache that ceases to throb.


10 Responses to Why India lost to Pakistan? – ICC Champions Trophy 2009

  1. Megha says:

    If India lose to Australia and the West Indies and don’t make it to the semis, I won’t feel as let down as I felt after this loss.

    I agree totally. The listless performance hurt more than the actual loss. Maybe (and that is a BIG maybe) I would have felt a little better if it was a closer match…

  2. yoman says:

    excuses excuses, india got fucked up and tendulkar got out by a 17 year old! explain that hahahahahha

  3. scorpicity says:

    I guess they had far bigger problems inside rather than be bothered about the good old cricket rivalry.

    Oh well they are coming back home and there soon will be the champions league fest and all will be forgiven. Wish all these problems came sooner than now.

  4. Keshav says:

    Pathetic. 😦 (coming back to your blog after a looonnggg time) How right you are. Not used to losing to Pak in an ICC tournament. No dull headache this; its a very pronounced heartache.

  5. Hera S.Khan says:

    oh please..

    ‘We didn’t respect Pakistan as a worthy opponent on the cricket field.’

    Tests ODIs
    Matches played 59 119
    Won by Pakistan 12 70
    Won by India 9 45

    *the rest undecided

    (Source wikipedia)

    Nothing but sheer ignorance,lack of information and utter arrogance is the reason of India’s defeat.

    Pakistan Zindabad

  6. Hameed Ansari says:

    its a shame how our team lost to Pakistan..!! Pakistan played really really well and outclassed us in every department.. forget about the champions league.. its not that important as important is our reputation in major events.. India have lost charm..

    Pakistan is certainly hot favourites to win the title.

  7. Arsalan says:

    Hello all,

    Guys I am from Pakistan.
    Why cant we take game just as it is.
    India no doubt played very well. Imagine if we would have lost, you would have one, doesn’t really matter who win or who loose, thats what i see it. This is game guys. Its just entertainment.
    Bro there are tons of games ahead. How about not loosing hopes for the next time. Pakistan has lost a lot of times. We have never under estimated our players.
    Chill guys

    Peace out

  8. vmminerva says:

    @Megha, that is certainly a BIG maybe 😦

    @Yoman, you’ve got to give credit where it’s due. The kid bowled well. The true test for a bowler is if he can develop his game after the batsman “figure him out”.

    @Scorpy, indeed.

    @Keshav, nice to see you back. Indian cricket fans will remember this one everytime there is an ICC event.

    @Hera, the I don’t know how long the stats go back. I think it’s a bit unfair to use such stats to help predict the strength of a team, for it’s different people who make up the team at different times.

    @Hameed, it is a shame. Hope team India learn from it. I agree that the CL isn’t important. Is anybody bothered about this apart from the ad folks?

    @Arsalan, I like your attitude. It isn’t a question of losing hope for the next time, but a logical conclusion that improvement takes time.

  9. Soulberry says:

    India went about this pompously

    Either that or complete cricket fatigue which engenders a don’t care attitude.

  10. vmminerva says:

    @SB, nice to see you back. Hope you are feeling better.

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