England’s last chace to save face

History awaits England at Chester-le-Street. If they manage get whitewashed 0-7, it will be an unprecedented feat. Australia on the other hand will look to extend their lead on the recently re-gained ICC #1 position – for whatever that is worth.

This England team, that will board the flight to the Champions Trophy will need to face-saving victory to fetch its morale from the nearly bottomless pit. Had I a chance, I would do the following:

– Give Onions his ODI debut. Let’s face it. Mascarenhas is playing as a fielder 😉
– Show Owais Shah the door (at least for the time being)
– Fetch Trott and Bell

Will I watch it? At least for a while, if England show some soul.


7 Responses to England’s last chace to save face

  1. They’ll show plenty of assholes.

    Basically they need Warwickshire playing the Aussies – Trott should have been from the first game. Clearly they prefer timepass batsmen who can knock off 20s.

  2. scorpicity says:

    This current one-day series, especially the scoreline and the number of matches remind me of the first tour by India to South Africa welcoming them back to the mainstream fold. It was a walloping of some proportion then. Pity, England is awful in one-day cricket.

    The match so far has been interesting. England has got 5 wickets now quite quickly. Swann is having fun. Maybe they will win this one. Nah.

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  4. Megha says:

    Hi VM

    Could you please update your blogroll with my new web address http://www.sillymaidon.com...


  5. Soulberry says:

    Hi VM,

    India v Pak today…will not be able to catch it though 😦

  6. vmminerva says:

    @NC, you make me laugh

    @Scorpy, they did their part to make us nervous didnt they. Thought they would lose that!

    @Megha, definitely

    @SB, so far its been boring. But maybe we should blame the pitch. Yousuf and Malik are going abt it the old fashioned way.

  7. vmminerva says:

    @Megha, sure thing.

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