India Win Compaq Cup

But could have almost lost it. Credit to Sri Lanka, the top 5 – barring Mahela – gave India a run for its money, and us bored fans something to bite nails about.

Quick thoughts on what went well:

1. Tendulkar: Need I say anything? What a sublime innings to count for his 44th ODI ton.

2. Dravid opening: Despite the fact that he didn’t score big, he with Tendulkar set the platform for the other to build on. After a long time, Dravs did not look nervous and didn’t elicit the “oh my god, is he going to be out now” feeling I’ve had almost every ball of some his innings last year and in late-2007.

3. Harbhajan: He and Tendulkar won the match for us.

What didn’t go well:

1. Do we have a pace bowling attack? Where are the bowlers? RP, Irfan, Nehra, all disappointed.

2. Butterfingers fielding: Dhoni, Yusuf, Nehra, Kohli et all dropping catches like hot potatoes. Pathetic 😦

There will be a lot of ground to cover for this team in the Champion’s Trophy. On current bowling and fielding form, they don’t belong in the semi finals. A berth there is almost as dicey as it used to be in the early 90s.


6 Responses to India Win Compaq Cup

  1. for a person who have had scored 10000 runs in odis and still counting… i am amazed how dravid is confused on the pace at which he pace his innings… either he just blocks or go for uncharacteristic hoiks like in the finals… he was dropped thrice and a close run out chance but still failed to convert it into a paycheck for srilanka…

    as for fielding saying it pathetic seems like a praise… 🙂

  2. vmminerva says:

    SP, that’s the deal with Dravid, right? We all know that he’s not the best at accelerating, at least not now. If I’m part of the team management, I’d be happy if he just sets the platform – that’s his supposed role now right? As a fan, I’m disappointed, but haven’t lost hope.

    Pathetic is praise, huh? 😉

  3. vm… setting platform or not best at accelerating is different thinks but rotating strike is different… for all his experience he really don’t need anyone to tell him that even if boundaries are not coming he can still rotate strike… the more he tries to come out of stagnancy more he falls into trap… and then he gives it away there by the pressure on following batsmen is even higher…

  4. vmminerva says:

    SP, I agree on the rotation of strike. It needs to happen at regularly. But what if that involves a risky/uncharacterestic shot. Strike rate for ppl like Dravid, Kallis, Chanderpaul et all improves with time at the crease. We need to let them play the way they would.

    I’m not trying to defend the bit of ODI rustiness, but we don’t want a batting line up full of Rainas. Sehwag and Gambhir are a different category of class all togather. But still, the conservatives will believe, every team needs a sheet-anchor. We will see their value only when the others fail. But conversly, when the others fail, we can always complain that the anchors should have done better. 😉

  5. Soulberry says:

    Lanka will be one of the finalists of WC 2011 as well. They are going about talent identification and nurturing in a meaningful manner.

  6. vmminerva says:

    Yes, meaningful indeed.

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