Stodgy India save Napier Test

What a couple of days of Test cricket. Nowadays, it’s more satisfying to see a team save a match while chasing a mammoth total than it is to see a match with a result.

This was the occasion to show grit, and it was very satisfying to the hyped Indian batting line-up live up to their statistics. While Sehwag threw away an opportunity to show his captaincy prowess and give Dhoni some competition, Gambhir has taken a huge stride forward in his Test career. It will be sometime before we can truly bank on such innings from him for it takes more than just a few gritty innings to be called the Wall, even if it is Wall version 2. That said, credit needs to be given where it is due. He’s definitely a class apart from the other youngsters, Yuvraj included. Way to go Gambhir! I will not call you just a dumb slogger riding on form anymore.

Speaking of thrown away opportunities, add Dinesh Karthik to the list: his wicket keeping, from what I saw, left a lot to be desired. Looks like all of Dhoni’s competitors (for captaincy and keeping) have either given up or have no hope or intention. On to Yuvraj “I’m either a Prince or a rabbit” Singh. I think it is about time we replace him at Test level with some other promising talent. Where is Vijay who debuted against Australia? Now that would be a talent to nurture for the future.

Our good old Dravid once again did the job that only he does best, except this time, it was cut short by an umpiring error. Fellow blogger Soulberry has also ranted about this evil that cricketing has been plagued with of late. The newly elite Ian Gould has robbed us of what could have been another golden Dravid innings. Like Soulberry says, with such a sweetly timed six that one would wonder why there weren’t many more of those in his Test career. For the nth time, Dravid’s defence was serene and sublime. Brush me aside for being a fan-girl, but this innings of Dravs was definitely special. And some of us wanted him to retire. To me he looks good for another three years. I cannot stop marveling at the patience and grit. Go Draivd, you rock! Moving on, VVS and Sachin were vintage adding to the job that needed completion; nothing less.

So we think we battled it out. But not everyone agrees. This article by Kiwi journalist Paul Lewis had me thinking, and bit offended. True, we did in the past produced dust bowls in India, thanks to our internal pan-BCCI squabbles, we’ve often offered a green top to a side with exceptional fast bowlers. If there is a doubt on the ability of this Indian line up, which I think is probably the best one to deal with the green top on windy conditions (only I would replace Yuvraj with either a promising youngster like Vijay, or with good old fiesty Sourav) in over two decades. So, give us the green top and challenge us. Then we shall see who has conquered.

5 Responses to Stodgy India save Napier Test

  1. Soulberry says:

    Looks like what I typed evaporated into virtual space!

    The gist – thanks Victoria for the mention.

    Last test all I watched for was whom would I trust to do the job. I found myself still clinging to the veterans for that sense of security. Dravid still evokes such a feeling.

    The Kiwi reporter’s fine by me. That’s what home advantage is all about.

    Perhaps the strangeness lies in this Kiwi donning the language and attitude subcontinental fans have had to in the past to protest against the duplicity of cetrain nations regarding voicing and admission of this home advantage. At least now it is a tacit admission by one of those, even if it is just a fluffy Kiwi! One always heard accusations and never admissions in the past from one of “those”.

  2. vmminerva says:

    @BCCI member, true!

    @SB, sorry that your comment was lost. 😦 And you’re welcome. As for the Kiwi reporter, I was OK with the comment too, just a little worked up. But it would have been nice to see a green top. Looks like that will have to wait for the next tour. 😦

  3. Soulberry says:

    OK Vic, with the benefit of hindsight now, what if there were a greentop? Imagine what King Khan would have done! I’m sure the Kiwi journalist must be quietly thanking his stars that he was disregarded 🙂

  4. vmminerva says:

    True, SB, Zak would have had a ball. But what we could have seen was how well the Indian batting would have done in the circumstances. Also, we might have had a more intense contest not only between bat and ball, but also between India and NZ in terms of possible results. That’s all.

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