Ganguly sidelined….Again!

Deja vu strikes. At the risk of sounding like an irrational fan, why does this keep happening to Sourav? How many public insults does the man deserve? I’m sure the Dada-haters will be unfurling the scroll again, but seriously, I ask why? Is that streak of arrogance, or the Princely power hunger, or perhaps the defiance of authority that has epitomized the Sourav that we know?

To me, an IPL free spirit – who doesn’t give too much about the fact that’s it’s moved to South Africa, or that it’s even happening this year – Ganguly’s sidelining as captain makes it the IPL all the more insignificant. I’m sure I’m not alone for there were many of us Ganguly fans who were not too long ago haunting Reebok stores in the cities scouting for KKR T-shirts. Maybe we don’t need that KKR T-shirt anymore for now we do not have a team to support!

The KKR team derives it’s spirit from Ganguly. From the point of view of the team management, that the sidelining happened this year, when there wouldn’t be a match played in Kolkata is smart. But Kolkata does not forget or forgive.

“…let’s wait and see..” was what Ganguly had to say on the issue. Yes, we shall definitely wait and see how Kolkata reacts.

9 Responses to Ganguly sidelined….Again!

  1. no sweat, long as he plays should be cool.

  2. Som says:

    Ganguly Chappled by Buchanan! Australia surely can’t forgive him.

  3. rs says:

    I am not a ganguly fan per se — but a mellow Sourav was hard to see. That he was not informed before John talked to the press was really not warranted either. I can’t wait to see how this idea pans out because I think it is not going to be a hit.

  4. vmminerva says:

    @NC, I saw silent defiance in his demeanor at the press conference.

    @Som, surely.

    @RS, yeah, the floating captaincy can become a case of “everybody’s responsibility is nobody’s responsibility”

  5. ganguly should take solace in following quote:

    “team work is important…you can blame someone else…”


  6. Major Sob says:

    4 captain theory is rubbish.It is just to let Saurav save face.They do not want people rioting
    He is the only cricketer to have come out of WB in the last 30 years and probably another 30
    Accept it that he is fat and slow and lazy

  7. Scorpicity says:

    I don’t mind if they decide to sack him as captain but all this 4 captain and 3 bed-captain theories that are supposedly done to pacify the crowd for axing ganguly need to be kicked.

  8. vmminerva says:

    @SP, that’s the thing with why this multiple captaincy thing is ridiculous. No one is accountable.

    @Major Sob, welcome! But this is even worse. The people aren’t that stupid. I don’t buy the whole “youth is the only way to go argument”. Right, Ganguly may not be getting younger. But credit needs to be given where it is due.

    @Scorpy, 🙂 true. The team mgmt need to make up it’s mind. That’s the whole deal with this icon vs. “just some player theory”. It will be interesting to see if the teams will have the same support without the “icons or fancy players”.

  9. Burtch says:

    Personally I am tired of the misguidance of our leadership. One thing I am doing to help is by going green and having a backup plan.
    Most won?t do anything so I appreciate the candor being given.

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