The Arrogant Boys Get a Slap – India vs. NZ T20

No, I’m not a NZ supporter in case you were wondering. But today’s T20 match between India and New Zealand at Christchurch could make many an Indian supporter emote in such a way.

It’s nothing but arrogance and over-confidence that many Indian batsmen displayed today. While there is some leeway to be given since this was a T20 and that success or failure in T20 doesn’t tell you much, many questions- old ones which were asked when an uninteresting Indian side landed in South Africa for the first T20 World Cup – come to mind. I will excuse Sehwag, for he plays the same way whether it is a Test, ODI or T20, and has been doing so from his debut. Just the same arrogance throughout, which comes with skill and a load of runs to back it. As for the other folk – Gambhir, Yuvraj, Dhoni and the Pathans – the true test begins now. Can Gambhir adjust to the NZ conditions? Can Yuvraj/Dhoni bat when the pitch isn’t flat and the opposition isn’t England or a meek Sri Lanka? Raina escaped today and played a decent innings. I would have bet (for an expensive lunch at a fancy restaurant) when Raina came to the crease that he wouldn’t last 2 overs. He proved me wrong and fortunately for me I don’t owe anyone a fancy lunch. 🙂 Harbhajan is becoming a very sensible batsman – maybe the IPL ban did the trick. I hope I didn’t speak too early on this.

The Indian bowling seemed fairly decent. It would have been hard to defend a total of 160 odd on a small ground. The score only gave us a chance.

What is most heartening about this match is that it gives us feeling that this series might be fun, not as one sided as some of the hype-inspired folk prophesied. Take it from me people, there will be failures, batting failures. The better batsmen will gain and the great, prevail. The bowlers might end up better than the batsman (given the quality of batsmen we have on tour).

Meanwhile, somebody called Manoj Tiwary might be pondering if his debut in T20 against Australia wasn’t so bad after all.

Well played, New Zealand!


7 Responses to The Arrogant Boys Get a Slap – India vs. NZ T20

  1. Ugh… I understand this is more than a slap for them. Hope India would bounce back.

    I have recently written an article in my blog on Cricket. Hope you would read it.

    Here it is…

  2. good says:

    hehehe, typical indian media

  3. vmminerva says:

    @luckweaverteam, welcome. I shall definitely drop by your blog. Thanks for visiting.

    @good, always nice to see another newbie around. Welcome.

  4. ankit says:

    may not be arrogance, may just be high expectations from themselves!

    though this surely seems to be the wake up call!

  5. vmminerva says:

    @ankit, wake up call indeed. Not one, but two. I guess they hit the snooze button on the first one. 🙂

  6. Soulberry says:

    Overconfidence is a possibility. I have observed this team can be taken by surprise.

  7. Mike says:

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