Cricket Ramblings from the weeks I’ve missed

There’s been so much I’ve wanted to write about while I was away- Pietersen quitting, Dravid scoring not the least- so here’s my random rambly attempt to catch up.

Dravid scores
After eight months and not too many runs, Rahul Jammy Dravid scored his second century of 2008, one that came after much media speculation, blogger deriding and what not. I remember that innings rather well and was fortunate to be able to catch that given my schedule at that time. I recall a feeling of painful dread that set in when I watched Dravid take guard that day, knowing at the back of my mind that the umpire’s finger may go up any time. Reconciled to what seemed only to be a matter of time, I was only hoping please, let it not be a duck. Interestingly, that day, it was not be a duck! Dravid build the innings, almost cringingly. I remember the early parts of that innings to be slower than “Dravid slow” and more poking-ly than ever before, but for fans who did not relent, we got to see a fairly good innings. Was this vintage Dravid? No. But after the 60s, it was soothing. Runs seemed to flow painlessly, albeit slowly. We got to see the wristy flicks and late square cuts that we hadn’t see Dravid play since that blistering innings at the Bristol ODI in India’s 2007 tour of England. After several months, this Dravid fan was happy, just plain happy. What was most fitting was Dravid’s press conference after the century. In characteristic fashion he thanked those who supported him thought the tough year for it seemed that they had almost “gone through the journey with” him. That to me is classic Dravid! Join me in wishing Dravs a very Happy Birthday (belated thought this might be).

Pietersen steps down as England captain
If only India held the legal rights for changing captains for every drink of water, it seems we have passed that on for the world to relish! England’s captaincy woes in the past couple of years remind me of India’s Azhar-Sachin-Azhar-Sachin days. It’s a pity what happened with Pietersen, for I thought his daring leadership was England’s best chance to regain the Ashes. Strauss, whose form seems to show signs of return, will be again burdened with captaincy, thus making the England top order a bit more vulnerable than before.

South Africa win Test series 2-1 in Australia
J P Duminy starred in a record 4th innings run chase that would have made all those who wrote off Test cricket to eat crow. What a scintillating innings, what daring batsmanship! One cannot discount captain Smith who set it all up with an almost trademark innings. Australia have a long way to recovery now. While there are chinks in the South African armour – as we saw in the 3rd Test match – they seem to be bigger in the Australian armor. This series will make Australia’s upcoming tour to South Africa a very interesting one to look to.


9 Responses to Cricket Ramblings from the weeks I’ve missed

  1. Hey VM, that’s some sabatical, no cricket writes for a month n a half.
    RD’s interview was better than his innings, had forgotten what he sounds like, or if has any sound.

  2. I was really happy that Dravid got back to his run-making mode. As they say it best. Form can come and go but class remains forever.

    The Pietersen story is a sad state of affairs. He looked like he would have changed the way England play cricket btu not to be. Strauss is not too good a bet either. No good times for English cricket.

    South Africa are rocking. Every thing is working for them. They deserve it all. However, the Aussies missed Warne & McGrath like BIG TIME…in all those lost games….

  3. Soulberry says:

    Good to see you back in form Vic.

    You should consider Kapil-Gavaskar-Kapil-Gavaskar business before Azza and Sachin tried to emulate them! That business almost reached ludicurous proportions with Kapil being dropped on “disciplinary grounds” for one test….just the one test he did not play during his entire career. All because of his suggestion that an ageing Gavaskar should bat at 4. media played a part in it…Gavaskar eventually did play at 4 which gave Viv Richards an opportunity to coin a famous sledge…”no matter what position you play in, you come in with India on zero” or words to that effect. This was when India were infamously zero for three wickets!

    KP wasn’t an all-english was he…the portends were always there of the uncomfortable relationship with his maternal stalk.

    I can visualize you in the stadium relishing Dravid’s success. It’s a great feeling when faith is rewarded.

    Well, he’s raised the bar again for the youngsters lining up to replace him…they just will have to do a little better from here on.

  4. good to see you blog after a while VM!

    duminy was not the first choice and only the injury of prince allowed him to be in final x1…and there lies the hint for our selectors who worry to much about reputations…lets give them chances first…only then we will know how good (or bad) they are…rest is mere speculation…

  5. kshitij says:

    It was good to see Rahul coming back to form.We all were eagerly waiting for it.Let’s hope he continues it in New Zealand.
    Please check my blog with new domain name:
    It was previously
    (Just a small request, can you please update the URL of my blog in your blogroll.)

  6. Q says:


    Try Miandad-Wasim-Malik-Rameez-Wasim-Sohail-Saeed-Rashid-Wasim-Moin-Waqar-Rashid-Inzamam in just less than a decade…

  7. vmminerva says:

    @NC, “…had forgotten what he sounds like, or if has any sound.” Trust NC to come up with a cracker on anything 🙂 Cheers mate! It feels good to be back and even better to catch up with our BCC! folks.

    @AllSportsFan, welcome to my blog. Yeah, the old adage is proving itself to be true.

    @SB, thank you! I remember the sledge aimed at Gavaskar but was not aware of the underlying captaincy context. “…I can visualize you in the stadium relishing Dravid’s success…” Yeah, it was fulfilling to see faith rewarded.

    @SP, thanks man! Your point about reputations is well taken. Hope the selectors pull a leaf out of that.

    @Kshitij, glad u stopped by. Yep, hope this continues in NZ. As for updating your link, sure I will (give me a few days, though).

    @Q, didn’t realize that. That sure make a more impressive list! 😉

  8. kshitij says:

    Waiting for you to update the link to new URL.
    BTW, a great news- Dravid has been declared the greatest Indian Test cricketer by Holding Willey.At last, he got what he deserved for so many years!

  9. vmminerva says:

    kshitij – yes, I read the news but haven’t had time to reflect on it. You’ve done a great job yourself there. I’ve finally updated the link to your new URL. Cheers!

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