India Win Border-Gavaskar Trophy 2-0

Yes! The trophy is back. Pity that that the final day had to be on a Monday for I got no work done, but couldn’t watch history being made live. Yes, I caught the highlights, but it just isn’t the same!

There is much to be said, more to be analyzed, and I’ll save that for later.

Let me leave you with the (rather selfish) thought that, you might have read here first that India will win 2-0 and get the shiny baby back!


3 Responses to India Win Border-Gavaskar Trophy 2-0

  1. It was a superb series win…a perfect team effort from India.

    Have a look at my blog here 🙂

  2. Scorpicity says:

    good win and now the concern is just like the last time… barely beat SA or did we draw and then lost to sri lanka…

    I really hope that we don’t lose to England… Please, not England… I will be devastated.

  3. vmminerva says:

    @Srinivasrao, I liked your analysis, though I thought you gave the Indian middle order a bit too much credit.

    @Scropy, I share your fear too. It would have been better if they’d played the Test series first, before the English got used to our conditions. 😉 But I guess this isn’t too bad either.

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