Draw Looming – Ind vs Aus 2008-09: Day 4, 3rd Test

After promising much the Delhi Test is moving slowly and boringly towards a draw. As butter-fingered India dropped as many as four catches today, to let Australia off the hook, the most worrying aspect was the attitude and general lack of purpose. Ishant was wayward, Mishra didn’t look like the guy who took 7 wickets in the last match and Kumble toiled spiritedly to end up with three after largely disappointing spells, given his stature. While Sehwag weaved magic with the ball, he disappointed again with the bad. Where was the need for that shot? Ishant played a horrible shot for the first delivery he recieved as nightwatchman, and would have been gone that very ball. But it was his fate to face a carbon copy of that delivery and play the same shot only with a different result. So much for being nightwatchman. But perhaps it was Dravid’s fate to have to walk out today. Fellow blogger Soulberry sarcastically takes a dig at Dravs here. Was I the only one who was nervous for Dravs?

Tomorrow, most likely will not produce a result (unless we mess it up horribly), but India can use this well for batting practice. Dravid, this is your chance! The others have got their face saving centuries. For Heaven’s sake, Dravid, grab this, with both your hands, and show us some magic. And no runs per ball ratio nonsense.


5 Responses to Draw Looming – Ind vs Aus 2008-09: Day 4, 3rd Test

  1. vm, i may sound bit harsh…but if say dravid scores at nagpur will you pronounce it as his return to form? i think at best it will be relief…!

    another question forget the name if you just look at his scores dispassionately does he deserve to be selected for eng series?

  2. vm, Dravid was out at the time of this comment….He did not grab his chance…


  3. vmminerva says:

    SP, true, if Dravid scores at Nagpur it will be relief, not a return to form. We will need a string of reasonable performances to declare that. Looking at the scores without the name, his place against Eng is definitely in doubt. But what provides the chance is that there seems to be the impression of solidity (not from past performance, but from the manner in which some of the strokes have been played). Dravid is not playing his natural game – he’s oscillating between over-enthusiasm to get quick runs and playing the Wall. That’s the problem. Fix that, and the woes should go away. I still have faith in Dravs and would not rush him into retirement. But I know I may not have too much company here.

    @Srinivasarao, yes. He’s adding to his own woes 😦

  4. Soulberry says:

    I think Robin Singh has had a fair stint now to assess the results…the fielding is as sloppy as it was in his first assignment., if not worse.

    Time to examine what he does with the team.

  5. […] to put bat to ball, was getting bowled uncharecteristically early in his innings, and we said then he was only out of form and that class had to be permanent. But many did not agree. Even the self professed Dravid fan, […]

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