Cricket Ramblings: On the Gambhir ban and Gilly’s True Colors

Alright, am I the only one bored by the Delhi Test? The other stuff seems to be interesting.

The Gambhir ban has been an interesting issue. Fellow blogger ABisht sees it as a half-full-half-empty thing. As always, the subcontinent guy gets hauled up. Perhaps this is the only way the toothless ICC servants can get back at the “new-power-rich” BCCI. While the part of me that wants to be fair, might want to say, maybe this is a good lesson for the folk who indulge in unnecessary drama on the cricket field, the partisan in me is angry that it is the Indian that gets the harsh treatment. Why was Watson, the provoker, let off with a fine, that too, off a token-like 10%? This issue can be beaten to death, but it’s a dead horse. The more striking issue is the arrogance of the Indian youth. As I look at my own generation, there is a sense of disrespect for and cynicism towards almost everything. Granted this might be a generational thing, but the brashness now is too obvious to ignore. This crudeness has crept into cricket as well. Uthappa’s dig on the seniors’ fielding comes to mind. No, it’s not about the whole “respect the senior cricketers” dying horse either. It’s the needless attitude and ego that’s bothersome. Back to Gambhir. Why the “elbowing”, Gambhir? Why the street-side-boy attitude? Perhaps it is this garishness that has reduced the sympathy that Gambhir is getting on this. Perhaps he is also suffering the aftermath of the Bhajji “banned-but-not-but-then-banned-in-IPL”. To be honest, I’m ambivalent on this, but in titling in favor of the fact that the ban might be a bit too hard, but only in small measure.

Adam Gilchrist, who certainly had a lot of Indian fans, may be left with a lot lesser fans now. I didn’t feel the need to write about his comments on Tendulkar, for it seemed like the cheap old publicity trick. But now, he’s roping in Ganguly and Harbhajan. I’m not cutting any slack for Ganguly on the Nagpur 2004 Test Houdini act – a chapter in Indian cricket that will remain shrouded with several questions until someone comes out with the truth – but doesn’t Gilchrist have anything better to talk about. Apparently he wants to befriend his former teammates who don’t return phones calls and emails to the “bloke who used to walk when he was out”. Gilchrist has utterly lost my respect, for whatever that is worth. And he will NOT get my money for his book, which I have decided not to buy, despite whatever else he may have said in it. Now, we know the True Colors, don’t we?


12 Responses to Cricket Ramblings: On the Gambhir ban and Gilly’s True Colors

  1. Trideep says:


    GG was wrong in doing what he did… that too so openly. He could have stuck to abuse.. may be then all these discussions wouldn’t have taken place at all…

    Your thoughts on the brashness of our generation is really valid. Sometime back i had written this on one of my blogs…

  2. vmminerva says:

    @Tri, nice article. This stuff bothers me on a regular basis. Not sure where we as a country are going with this?

  3. rs says:

    I agree with your post. I find the swearing of all parties on the cricket field in poor taste as well. And the overall brashness as you put it needs to be toned down.

  4. A Bisht says:

    nice write-up VM. But i think you would have already made up your mind prior to writing this piece that some ramblings may not go well with some readers.

    Thank you for referring to my work.

    VM, Pl remove an extra h in Bisht; it is spoiling the bonhomie.

  5. vmminerva says:

    @RS, very bothersome isn’t it. Good to know I’m not alone here

    @AB, thank you. I shall definitely correct that. Btw, “..that some ramblings may not go well with some readers”. Can you clarify please?

  6. A Bisht says:

    VM, Although ramblings mean something moving from one point to another, in a desultory manner. I used the word, as your blog calls your thoughts that way. brand value consideration.

    But we can change the word if you wish … So what to do , change it?

  7. India batted too long in the first innings. A draw was inevitable.

  8. A Bisht says:

    VM, I typed the last line by mistake …

  9. A Bisht says:

    Ha ha, what am I doing today, I’m at the height of my foolishness… some ramblings that may not go well with some readers meant those which justify Gambhir ban, and tag the present generation as disrespectful in general.

  10. vmminerva says:

    @AB, no problems man. We’re here to comment on each other’s thoughts. Disagreement when it arises is part of the deal and makes the process more enjoyable and enlightening. If there are those that think Gambhir was right in what he did, they are entitled to their opinion and are welcome to disagree here.

    @ShortBackwardSquare, welcome. India should have fielded better; had that happened there might have been an increased chance of a result.

  11. Soulberry says:

    Curiously, there has been less of “My Life” and plenty of everybody’s life in that…not in the form of facts but opinions and conclusions which pretend to be truths.

    I’ve changed my mind – I too will not buy it….not the hard cover version surely…I’ll wait for the paperback and wait for it to stack up on the shelves….then you can pick it up at almost “raddiwala” price from bookshops keen to clear the shelves. They end up giving upto 50% discount or more you know!

    If he can manipulate for money, why can’t potential readers manipulate sales for the same reason? 🙂

  12. vmminerva says:

    @SB, ha ha! 🙂 Well said. I won’t even buy the paperback for 50% discount. That’s how disgusting all this stuff he’s had to say is. Who cares what he thinks?

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