Gambhir blazes – Ind vs Aus 2008-09: Day 1, 3rd Test

Most batsmen have a similar beginning. There comes a time when a young maverick sets the stage ablaze. Question are asked if that was an aberration, a mere spike from an average cricketer. What sets the legends apart from the regular cricketers is that they answers those very questions with the same answer again and again. Then the questions will change. They will ask why not another one? Then they will expect excellence in trying conditions and then demand. Legends answer all of these questions, and satiate the expectations in their own characteristic way: some emphatically, some grindingly. Then the bar is raised and for those that make it through, the legend in them is born. With time, situations get difficult – bad patches come and some last seemingly for an eternity. Legends see several such patches, hope for them to pass and climb out of the hole quickly. But sometimes, somewhere along the way desperation sets in. Every effort, in as much as it is earnest, seems so much harder than it should be. For some this is the end; the fortunate ones see them through. Those that do, reach a kind of nirvana, a sense of carefree bliss and the legend then unleashed in full power.

Today, I believe we’ve had glimpses of all of this.

Gambhir is now at the brink of having expectations raised. He’s answered the mundane questions several times but better tougher ones will surely await. More will be expected of him in the days to come. He holds a definite promise. The true test will come abroad. New Zealand might be harsh, but it will give us a good picture. Dravid on the other hand, is the legend in desperation, trying too hard to climb out of a hole he has dug for himself. It remains to be seen if he has utterly lost it, or will raise through to prove a point yet again. While I have my fingers crossed for the latter, I beginning to have very grave worries. Sachin, was the blissfully carefree man, playing a different game altogether, thoroughly enjoying himself. Pity that his innings came to an end so soon, but so do many blissful times.

Laxman may have played yet another axe-saving innings. While that should not take away from the class or the beauty of the innings, there is more he is capable of and will be expected of, especially when promoted up the order. Does the coveted #3 beckon?

I won’t go into the Australian bowling as I watched only the scorecard live on Cricinfo and then the highlights on TV. That being the case, it doesn’t take a genius to say that the Aussie bowlers have struggled and are resorting to the dirty old sledging tricks.

Where from here? India need to bat the most (if not the whole) of Day 2, make good use of the conditions and post a good total. If you ask me, anything between 500 and 600 will do. Then, our pacers and spinners can have a crack at the Aussie batsman.


5 Responses to Gambhir blazes – Ind vs Aus 2008-09: Day 1, 3rd Test

  1. Really enjoyed reading this.
    Believe there’s still a twist in the tale. This game is about to unfold.
    Ponting needs 45mts of all-out attack min. and run saving be dammed. Should open with Lee and Johnson; tried Lee-Clarke quite a bit already.

  2. they are doing exactly that VM!!

    i thnk if we can get them for 10 overs or so by the end of days play with full throttle all out attack from bowlers…it wont hurt us at all 🙂

  3. Trideep says:

    Great Write VM, gave me goose bumps reading the first para…

  4. Soulberry says:

    He’s answered the mundane questions several times but better tougher ones will surely await.

    Yes and he needs the same sag froid to answer those examinations well.

    I’m waiting for your write-up on Lax!

    What’s it with these oldies:)

    Now Sachin and Dravid need one each of their own. next test…that’s a promise.

  5. vmminerva says:

    @NC, thank you. Ponting ran out of options so much that he brought himself on to bowl. And no real sign of attack.

    @SP, for once I didn’t jinx it. 🙂 I thought they could have gone on for a few more overs before declaring. They should have given the Aussies nothing more than 10 overs today.

    @Trideep, thanks man!

    @SB, Sachin doesn’t need to prove anything. Sachin’s 50 are often equivalent to Dravid’s 90s. So much for fairness and perception.

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