India with a chance – Ind vs Aus 2008-09: Day 3, 2nd Test

A lot can happen in two days. India’s middle order, precisely Ganguly, Tendulkar and lower-order batsman Dhoni powered India to a decent total of 469. Four quick Aussie wickets meant that the Aussies needed some damage control. That they did, but nothing more. In fact, the Aussie damage control would have looked a lot less fancier had Watson been given out by umpire Rudi Koertzen when he was actually out. That would have given the Indian think tank some food for thought about the follow on. But forget it, they would have never enforced it anyway.

A lot of things have been good for India:

  • Ganguly’s silken century, his 16th ton in his farewell series enabled fans to watch Grace and helped India to a good total
  • Dhoni’s “gadayudh” batting helped us get quick runs and goes to prove my earlier point that Dhoni cares to perform with the bat only when he captains (ok, ok, it was a batting pitch and I’m being a little harsh here)
  • Mishra’s dream debut got him a fifer. So, the spin closet has one worthy item in it. One in hand and in form is worth ten times the weight in gold of a closet full of junk
  • Gambhir and Sehwag have gotten us off to a flier.

What needs to be done:

  • Viru and Gambhir need to bat some more and get more runs quickly
  • Don’t know if Dravid will bat at #3 tomorrow, but this could be the best opportunity to cement his place among seniors. VVS seems like he’s currently on tenterhooks.

It will be interesting to see when – both in terms of run and timing – that the declaration comes. I would think setting Aus 450-480 in over 3.5-4 sessions would be a good ask. Will we do it?

PS: Meanwhile, for those of you looking for a daily dose of Dravid goodness, he’s only 5 short of Mark Waugh’s record for max catches in Test. Mark Waugh was really cheap in saying this, but I hope Waugh is wrong. The only person close to getting a pair is an Aussie and he’s called Matthew Hayden. Waugh! Which match are you watching?


7 Responses to India with a chance – Ind vs Aus 2008-09: Day 3, 2nd Test

  1. VM – India haven’t had it so good in a 2nd innings set up in a long time, that’s when it usually falls apart – the rr drags, wkts fall, heads fall. right now, it is fall, but that’s it.
    we’re just realising the missing magic of a counter attack – of Gilli, of Symo.

    expect no less from mark.

    Btw there was a cartoon when Mark Waugh retired, and Steve Waugh marshalled on.
    it said, “Steve leaves his Mark behind”

  2. one only a chance but one hell of a chance…

  3. Trideep says:

    INdia did really well today.. all fell into place.. quick runs, quick wickets… now its only hw quickly we can wrap up

  4. vmminerva says:

    @NC, true, Gilli and Symonds must be sorely missed.

    @SP, one hell of a chance indeed!

    @Trideep, at 142-5 it’s a matter of getting two more – one of Haddin/Clarke, preferably Clarke and the Lee. Then game over.

  5. Soulberry says:

    Dhoni as Bheema is quite apt…but what about the brains? Bheema wasn’t exactly the brightest spark around as per mythology 🙂

    Well, what’s your take at the start of the final act? Play has proceeded pretty much according to script till the concluding part…c’mon, let’s hear it from all now…who stands where.

    Can Clarke, Haddin, White and Lee do a Pakistan? Or, will India inspire itself not to repeat recent history? Overconfidence of India could be its undoing….

  6. Scorpicity says:

    well its over… they canned them totally. What the next few matches hold for them?

  7. vmminerva says:

    @SB, sorry I’m responding after its over. Yesterday I thought all India needed was a early breakthrough. Good they go ’em.

    @Scorpy, I would expect some sort of a bounce back from the Aussie.

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