India fail to capitalize – Ind vs Aus 2008-09: Day 1, 2nd Test

On a day that will only be remembered for the milestones, India’s top three batsmen will rue the fact that they failed to make merry on a what seems like a batting paradise.

In case you missed it, here are the milestones

  • Sachin breaches 12000 runs in Test Cricket
  • Sachin makes 50th Test 50 and is the second Indian to do so after Rahul Dravid 🙂
  • Sachin breaks West Indian Brian Lara’s record for most runs scored in Test Cricket
  • Ganguly crosses 7000 runs

Meanwhile, there was a game of cricket being played.

Sehwag should have paid attention. Dravid looked set for a big one with some of the shots reminding us just what kind of a player he is. He should have capitalized on what looked like his best innings in the last 4 Test matches. Gambhir should have stayed on, he got stuck after lunch and fell shortly after Dravid. I have no words for Laxman. Maybe he should not have been promoted up the order – it seems almost like some kind of a curse. Tendulkar and Ganguly each played a brilliant innings, one true to their reputation. This partnership has saved India some blushes.

India will do well do get to 400. Does Amit Mishra bat? My fellow Delhi-ite bloggers NC, SB and SP will know better if deserving debutant Amit Mishra can bat. Now a days one has more faith in India’s lower order than our middle.

6 Responses to India fail to capitalize – Ind vs Aus 2008-09: Day 1, 2nd Test

  1. Soulberry says:

    Sachin and Sourav described Indian cricket in a new and different way through their special expertise; the common thread of which was natural aggression.- innate rather than adopted.

    India lost their way in the second test. However, it is upto the bowlers to perform well and take India to a winning position.

  2. sehwag was typical sehwag…he will give you high and lows as effortlessely as he can…

    dravid…was over positive…signs of a starved man who just wanted to cashin on the feast while he can…

    gauti…was usual self…sixty’s man…

    laxman…was fool to get sucked into it…

    sachin’s innings….

    saw the flases of brilliance once the monkey of milestone, he hates, was off his chest…got out when things were promising enough for a classic…

    a typical sachin innings…never a great finisher…

    dhoni today along with dada snatched the initiative back to indian team which was surrendered by stupid play of TOP order…

  3. Trideep says:

    Zak is 11th in the line up.. which theoretically means Mishra bats better than Zak….

  4. apurv sardeshmukh says:

    Mishra batted pretty well in the IPL …….. But Ganguly and Dhoni have ensured that India reached 469. Top innings from Sourav.

  5. Ya Dhoni lost the last two wickets for almost no runs.
    He wasted them.
    btw, on nov. 9th I’m publishing a special post. Dont miss it for the world.

  6. vmminerva says:

    @Yep, SB. Looks like bowler are delivering. So are the top order. Let see.

    @SP, we can also trust you for some straight points. 🙂

    @Apurv, yes, that was a classic Dada. It’s a pity we won’t see those silken off side stokes any more.

    @CPD, yes, looked like he either didn’t trust Mishra’s batting skills too much. I didn’t appreciate that from Dhoni. Sure I’ll definitely check out you site on Nov 9th.

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