Ind vs Aus 2008-09 2nd Test Preview: Why are we so unsure?

The Mohali Pitch will not be the “usual Mohali” pitch. It will have bounce initially but will turn later. God! What does this mean? What do we do if we lose the toss?

Pacers and Kumble can use the bounce. But what if Ponting has figured out Ishant? Have all the Aussies gotten a hang of Kumble?

“Danger man” Stuark Clark may not play? But Peter Siddle may debut. What if our middle order can’t figure him out – given our records from a Lee in ’99 to Chris Tremlet in 2007 and Ajantha Mendis in 2008 (bowlers on debut)?

What if we can’t get Hussey at all?

It’s raining in Mohali. What could that mean?

Seriously, is it just me?


6 Responses to Ind vs Aus 2008-09 2nd Test Preview: Why are we so unsure?

  1. HOmer says:

    Stay off the coffee VM :)…The Bangalore wicket had “bounce” and we all know what happened there …30 odd hours before we know how Mohali plays..

    Also, Hayden is hurt but will probably play.. Does that do you anxiety levels any good?

    Cheers 🙂

  2. Ottayan says:

    All signs portend a wash-out.

  3. vmminerva says:

    @Homer, ha ha! Stay off the coffee – good one. Strangely, I read this as i have my coffee. Hmm, so Hayden is hurt….maybe it’s a tad calming.

    @Ott, that will be sad (anxieties apart)

  4. If it rains in Mohali, they should just drive down and play in Delhi. It’s fabulous here. In fact, they should have started tomorrow’s game here today.

    Knowing Delhi’s luck with the rains, it’ll probably rain for the Kotla test. It did for most of the IPL games.

  5. and do get a hold on yrself VM. it’s bad enough we’re clueless about the final XI. what could that mean?

  6. vmminerva says:

    @NC, yeah, they should have played in Delhi 2nd. We had a chance of winning that given the conditions there. Meanwhile, like you and Homer have suggested, I’ll try and a get a hold on myself. 🙂

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