Congratulations Indian media, you’ve bettered the Aussies!

The Aussies have been very quiet this time. There were no proclamations of whitewash, announcements of thier “targets” and the like. Whether it’s the IPL cash or a new strategy, we might never know. But the Indian media have taken their place with what I like to call “senior ragging”.

The Indian media has the rumour mills working overtime with the “Ganguly retirement deal” and the VRS pact with seniors to plan retirements by December. What’s more appalling is the tone.

“Plan your retirement and you will be accommodated [irrespective of form and performance].”

“We want to give you are farewell, so take it now.”

That was on today’s Times of India. Is there a worse way to disgrace a sportsman? or a self-respecting human being? This is disgusting, Indian media! Shame on you!

If you need more, check this out on cricketnext. If you look through the entire set of picture, you will note that the seniors are “attempting” to take catches and Dhoni plays with the football. Why the uncertainty surrounding the senior’s capability and the certainty around Dhoni’s? Why this exaggerated age bias? Granted some of the Fab Four/Five might be past their prime, but we all see that, and they perhaps know that too. Why the disgraceful tone? Rambling a bit off-topic, what disappoints me the most, is that, we as Indians, historically have been known for “respecting elders” have now seemed to have forgotten our values. Why is young India so rude? This isn’t specific to cricket alone. There’s an obvious age bias in everything. Though, as a youngster, I reap the benefits of it, I think there is something wrong with this.

Meanwhile, a starkly different toned article has surfaced on Cricinfo – this one by Rohit Brijnath. Thank you Mr. Brijnath! In a very romantic article, Brijnath captures the essence of why the Fab four/five are entitled to their “hurt” on being “rubbished off” and told to shut off. They’ve been fighters all along. We’ve always wanted them to be that way. Why are we now expecting them to go tamely? While I’ve had different thoughts on this as late as last fortnight with my bid for a farewell to them, I’ve changed my mind on this matter. Perhaps the most fitting way for them to go in on their own – be that by being dropped or an unprovoked retirement announcement – not by a forced retirement scheme, certainly not with this tone. I also enjoyed Rohit’s nicknames for the Fab five: The Great One, the Precise One, the Defiant One, the Intense One and the Elegant One. Definitely Indian cricket will be different without them and it will take some stomach for some of us fans to read an India scorecard without Tendulkar, Ganguly, Dravid, Laxman and Kumble. But while they’re around, why not treat them with some respect, for all the joy they’ve give us?

With all this, we’re bound for one hell of a series!

18 Responses to Congratulations Indian media, you’ve bettered the Aussies!

  1. A Bisht says:

    I do agree with the points you made.

    I too beleive that no true sportsperson will accept his or her inability to perform. And it’s totally illogical to expect him or her to retire on his own. That’s why every sports has governing bodies and selection systems. Selections should be made on the basis of tangible benchmarks and those who fail should be dropped.

    Call it the bad aspect of progress, of late, respect has become a rare trait.

    Good post VM

    Mr Baijnath indeed has written a good article.

  2. vmminerva says:

    @AB, thanks man! If this is progress, I’m not sure what else we have to endure?

  3. Soulberry says:

    The Australians have been quiet this time and to me that’s strategy. The fallout of past nonsense from either team and the unpopularity of it on both sides has kept the childish on both sides quieter….but let the test matches begin, let the first catch be claimed….

    Coming to the Indian team, I can’t wait for the seniors to retire. Much as I like them to play a bit more, this lingering goodbye has me wondering if it will ever end?

    Yeah…I don’t mind the goodbye hug, maybe steb back again for another quick hug, but no…this is drama.

    One side will have us believe it is the media portrayal that makes one talk about the need for seniors to go, while another side will tell us it is all media creation which makes us believe here are no alternatives.

    Give them this series now that they are selected and lets move on once and for all.

    Never before have I seen such indecisiveness over aged players. Not with more valuable and adored players like Vishy, Gavaskar and the like. The reason I feel this soap-opera is going on is 1) this is the first cable-tv generation of players, and 2) the heroes of the first cable-tv generation of youngsters.

    Being the first players to be covered exhaustively by cable tv for us, it has been an extended reality tv show for us. Now we feel they are part of our lives and imagine we are in theirs. All a load of bull of course….imagine if there weren’t cable tv…imagine if there weren’t internet…imagine if we just had radio, newspapers and the odd TV highlights package….would we have made such a mess of it?

    That is the problem with the generation of players and spectators who have grown up exposed through 24×7 cable tv intrusions.

    I count myself with the same generation even if I belong to the era of radio and newspapers, simply because while my mates grew up and left cricket behind, I didn’t. I stayed on to watch the games on TV.

  4. Ottayan says:


    You know my stand on the seniors particularly Sachin.
    However, it is not due to disrespect I disparage them, it is because they are just lingering on out of vanity. (Remember, Kapils ‘lingering’ goodbye).Their skills are waning and if they have the best interest of cricket at heart, let them by rotation sit down for a couple of series, so that we can try out the youngsters.

    O.K coming to the media, it is sensationalism and mudslinging is at it worst .

  5. i have been one of the most vocal critics of seniors…but i criticize them for their performance or non performance part of them…and i have said this on many occasions that criticizing them doesn’t amount to dis-respecting them…

    now once the team is handed over to us we all should move on and let there be cricket talking…let them concentrate on the most intense assignment of modern cricket…(though i genuinely feel we are overrating ozies)

    as for media you know my views 🙂

  6. vmminerva says:

    @SB, Ott, SP, I understand and appreciate where you come from on this issue. Yes, it’s a lingering goodbye that’s lasted since the run-up to the 07 disaster World Cup campaign. There’s a sense of dread for the senior-fans and the junior-backers, the former because they know it is over and is a matter of time, and the latter, because they cannot wait for youngsters to burst their way into the Test side. SB makes a very valid point on this being the first generation of cable-TV cricketers. Some of the tweens and early 30s folk who grew up watching these folk (and are still following the game) will have trouble digesting this. Maybe when the Uthappas and Gambhirs fade away, it will be a bit different: less drama, maybe also due to lesser accomplishment/shorter less impact-making careers.

  7. Buzz says:

    And i have been the greatest supporter and perhaps lone one of the seniors. One bad series and tey r unwelcome. then what about the likes of Yuvraj and Sharma ? Tey have stopped performin since ages. but they r young so we persist with them and Seniors are in 30s so we kick them out…………

    Indian media is at its worst stage!!

  8. Soulberry says:

    I don’t think it is about one bad series anymore. Buzz, there comes a time when you have to measure between immediacy and time required for development. Any new formation will necessarily require a little bit of time to settle in. If it were just a question of a player or two, perhpas it wouldn’t have made such a huge difference or elicited debate; because it is the entire backbone of the team which has to be replaced pretty soon, one needs the time for the new bone to grow and occupy the entire space.

  9. vmminerva says:

    @Buzz, I’m ambivalent here, one bad series yes, a very bad one. Perhaps the referral system also played into showing these folk in poor light. However, the decline is also there – Tendulkar and Dravid both averaging 55-60 so far have managed to average in the 30s in the past year. If the drop is so huge, it’s got to mean something. I’m a huge supporter of the seniors and believe they still have a 1-2 years of cricket left in them. But this is a little more serious than a blip in their soaring graphs. I’d love to see them do very well against the Aussies this time and think they will bat through their skins, for they are champions, not quitters. I do agree with you on some of the juniors, the Kaifs and Yuvraj’s. I don’t know what will help Kaif. He cant seem to grow out of his jumpiness or make the shift to the next level. I think Yuvraj will turn out to be another Kaif in Tests.

    @Soulberry, interesting point. Perhaps it is the fact the entire backbone is in this mode that there is so much concern, worry and panic.

  10. Q says:

    Spot on VM. I like what u say. Give em the respect they deserve. There ain’t a single replacement in India for either of them.

  11. Q says:

    Spot on VM. I agree with you. Respect em! There ain’t no replacement for either one in India.

  12. UTP says:

    They can have all my respect in the world but its time…they gain respect by sitting at the sidelines or rather at home…let the young guns step in…

  13. vmminerva says:

    @Q, nice to see you here again. Looks like there aren’t too many ppl agreeing with us 😉

    @UTP, good to see you too. As for them moving to the sidelines…hmmm…

  14. any explanation for comments of Mr Geoffry Boycott about the fabulous four.

  15. Q says:

    Thanks VM. Its been long trying to settle back into groove after the vacations, Ramadan, and Eid.

    I just posted on how the Karnataka honoured Dravid with the Wall. There needs to be more respect doing the rounds.

  16. No Doubt They are Better than aussies

  17. Scorpicity says:

    One thing is there though… while some of the Indian media are total crap, they can’t beat the silliness quotient of the Australian media.

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