Some Grace for the Fab Four

There aren’t too many Indian cricket journalists who write anything other than jingoistic match reports. Picking among the few that do write well, Pradeep Magazine is one of my favorite. He writes here on how the onus is on the selectors to allow our Fab Four an exit befitting their accomplishments and stature. Indeed, they’ve scripted some very famous victories in India and overseas and have given us some wonderful memories. Thank you, Mr. Magazine! Yes, Ganguly, Dravid, Tendulkar and Laxman need to be given some space and a respectful farewell when it comes to it, not unceremoniously shoved through gaps between the door and its sill. Vengsarkar! Are you listening?

And there is no need to hurry this. While the argument of picking players on merit and form is valid, there aren’t enough quality replacements, especially in Tests. In fact the young ODI side is yet to prove itself overseas. Somewhere between ’96 and now, the quality of India recruits seems to have either gone down or gone unnoticed, especially in the batting and spin departments (though spin is a different story altogether and merits a separate post). There hasn’t been another decent batting recruit after that of Ganguly and Dravid in 1995-96. Yes, there was Sehwag, but aren’t we still debating his worth? Yes, that might also be because we try to shove all of them in the opening spot, but we still don’t have a decent opening pair. Thanks to T20 cricket and IPL, the  batting situation may only get worse unless deliberate efforts are put in. The India-A tours are a step in the right directions. In a few years, we should have a good idea about who from the India A is worthy of the India cap for a decent term. That should be way to go.


5 Responses to Some Grace for the Fab Four

  1. Soulberry says:

    It is true we are short of identical repl;acements, but we have players who can be comparable 10years later.

    I gave them (fabbers) a couple of years…but after Lanka I may have to foreclose on them. See it isn’t that I have lost respect for them or any such thing which forces me to say so…the Lanka series was an eye opener. The feet were slow, the arms were tentative, the concentration was a struggle…and in Kumble’s case, he has morphed into a good trundler now.

  2. Buzz says:

    i wud repeat my rant here. perfornance matters, age doesnt. one bad series and we write them off. media gets crazy to send them off.

    this is ridiculous stuff.

  3. scorpicity says:

    I think the best way forward is to discuss with them a roadmap where they will exit. For the moment, it is apparent that the two sides are not talking.

  4. very good link VM and interesting read…

    but there is one problem…with this theory…

    dont you think for graceful and befitting exit there needs to be two willing parties…i repeat two willing parties…and there lies the problem…

    they are just not willing or even thinking of that…when asked what are your retirement plans (not necessarily now) sachin said to a journalist that you are at wrong press conference…that how defensive they are…

    sg is still saying he has couple of years left in him and so will others say if not so openly…are we willing to wait till then? can we afford to wait till then?

    its not justifiable to compare these rookies with legends…and say that these are not replacements…by this count there wont be ever…

    we often confuse odi forms as an indicator to test form…ask yuvi…he was in great form before going to oz tour and we all know what happened there…

    badri, kaif and now kohli have shown some promise and potential…and we need to tap it at right time…

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