Why Ganguly?

I cannot help but ask. Why? Why Ganguly? Is it because something had to be done? Someone had to go? Some stop gap arrangement needed to be made to smother the screaming for including young talent? Or is it Peter Roebuck? We’ve reacted to Chappell’s remark on Sehwag before the tour of Australia late last year. So is that the new mantra to selection – listening to the Aussies? But now Ponting is questioning Ganguly’s omission. What do we do now?

The bigger question is this. Is Sourav not even good enough for the Irani Trophy. Well, the condescending talk from some of the “unnamed” selectors does make it seem that way. But then, I have another question. Why Jaffer? What has Jaffer done between his disastrous run in Australia earlier this year and now, to justify an inclusion to the dress rehearsal for the upcoming Aussie series. Or was he an automatic selection given that we are playing Australia at home or because Jaffer plays for Mumbai?

Turning our attention back to Dada, if you asked me, I could argue both sides: for and against the exclusion of Sourav Ganguly from the Irani Trophy squad. The argument against is jaded, so I’ll pass on that. Why does a Ganguly fan think this exclusion is good for him? Because it will wake up the lion in him – thought I’m not sure how many times he needs to prove his worth. Honestly, if he gets selected for the series against Australia, which he should, it will only have helped to have the lion (or should I say tiger) in Ganguly to be awake and growling. But one wonders, how long will he fight this sort of battle?

On the Kirsten/Kumble’s hand in this, I think the media has again sensationalized the story. I suspect it had more to do with Kirsten than Kumble. But maybe that’s just me, for I’ve never hid my dislike for Kirsten.

So why was it Ganguly? There are times like this when being a team man counts for more than anything else; when just that fact that you’ve tried as hard as you could have counts to your advantage. There is something about Ganguly that makes you think he took a situation casually. Maybe it’s his persona. Perhaps it is way he projects the facts. Maybe it is deju-vu from the old “I-don’t’want-to-play-the-new-ball” tactic. This is when you feel a little sad, that someone so gifted has thrown it away, almost arrogantly, like the straight sixes Sourav hits. This is why, I think, Dravid escaped the axe. If Dravid wasn’t the team man that we know him to be, even Kumble could not have saved him. But all isn’t well for Dravid either, for he scored two, yes, 2, in the Buchi Babu tournament in the match against Tripura. For once, I don’t think that’s very good news and feel a bit more apprehensive about this than I have before. If Dravid makes it past Irani, past Ausralia, he will have a good run for a year or so. If not, well yikes! God save Dravid and India.

Most of all this selection for the Irani Trophy seemed to me like the populist union budged this year. It tries to make everyone happy: the senior fans sans the Ganguly fans and the young aspirants. But the inconsistencies are glaring and it has been so through the years. Dravid was dropped from the ODI squad 3 matches after a brilliant match-winning 92 in Bristol. Yuvraj was persisted with after several failures for over a year, not more than 2 innings over 50. But that is Indian cricket for you!


13 Responses to Why Ganguly?

  1. there’s something abt Kirsten that reminds of the english coach, only there, you have a KP to overshadow him. Wonder how the Jumbo-Kirsten combo works. if it does, that is.

  2. Ottayan says:


    Here is my take. Ganguly is a certainty for the Oz series. Those selected for the Irani Trophy are the uncertainties.

  3. ankit says:


    Jaffer was included in the ROI side, because with viru-gati, as SP puts it, plays for delhi..

    ROI has to have an opener.

    and Ott,

    I like your take on this, domestic seasons are, as a matter of fact, a chance for players to prove themselves, and may be ganguly doesn’t have to prove anything. I like your take on this.

  4. speaking purely on merit (no emotions) presuming sg is dropped from indian team…

    the choice was to be made between dravid and ganguly…

    they both have preformed equally bad past three series…but the difference lies in the fact that when dravid plays he makes the difference of his presence felt more than any other batsmen in middle order…no wonder he has won/saved more matches than all of other three pt together…is still a good fielder…while sg is hopeless in this matter…

    so in comparison of two retaining dravid is more rational choice…

  5. Buzz says:

    Dont worry VM, Ganguly will play on and shut his critics off

  6. vmminerva says:

    @NC, I’m with you in doubting if the Kirsten-Kumble combo is working. I think the seniors will have a problem with a coach trying to oust all of them.

    @Ott, I’m surprized to see that comment from you, though it seems very logical. Are you serious or being sarcastic 😉 ?

    @ankit, that’s the only logical explanation on Jaffer isnt’ it ?

    @SP, you predicted long ago that it will be Ganguly didn’t you? SG should have taken up a better fielding positions in his post-captaincy stint. Looks like “being in the outfield” isn’t helping him. But it would have worked against either way. When Dravid drops an impossible one, there are maniacs who go gaga over it. In fielding is a risky thing, almost a dog’s job.

  7. vmminerva says:

    @Thanks for stopping by here, Buzz. I hope so!

  8. trideep says:

    Welcome back !!!

    It had to be Ganguly. Thts how it has been since a long time isn’t it? He has had to prove himself everytime.. Dunno how many times he will do it.. But then in the process of removing the seniors, it had to be ganguly first always.

  9. ankit says:

    yeah its only that, otherwise jaffer cannnot make it to my gully cricket team!

  10. Soulberry says:

    Why Ganguly indeed? Somehow, he’s been the fall guy. Maybe his earlier inconsistency colors the mind. Maybe when he isn’t driving gracefully through the covers he should be dropped.

    Difficult to say Victoria.

  11. scorpicity says:

    I echo Otts… I feel they are getting things in line for the inevitable rehaul. So testing out the strength

  12. vmminerva says:

    @ankit, that’s being a little harsh isnt’ it? 😉

    @Tri, true, many predicted this. The saddest part is that this happens to Sourav when it is the least appropriate.

    @SB, difficult indeed.

    @Scorpy, hmm…the next couple of months will NOT be boring, that’s one thing for sure.

  13. […] Maybe that is why you did not stop there. You’ve irked the Ganguly fans an embarrassed an Indian hero and great exponent of the game by dropping him from the Irani Trophy squad. I had written earlier asking why Ganguly became the “sacrificial goat”, if you care enough, you can read that here. […]

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