One Heck of a Domestic Season but Abysmal Coverage

A once-in-a-lifetime domestic season is upon us. Tendulkar has announced his availability for the Irani Trophy vs. Ranji champions Delhi; Ganguly, Dravid, VVS Laxman, Anil Kumble and Dhoni are also expected to play. Can it get any better? Meanwhile, Dravid is already playing for Karnataka in the Buchi Babu tournament in Chennai. India-A, the future of the Indian Test team, is playing the next generation Aussies in Bangalore. All this is happening and the coverage is almost non existent.

Not even a scorecard of the Buchi Babu tournament. How I wish I was in Chennai, would have rushed to the stadium, weather permitting. Unfortunately, a very busy work week meant I couldn’t make to the India-A vs. Australia-A match right here in Bangalore. On that, all we get is a scorecard. Meanwhile, I join fellow blogger Scopy in my cable-TV rues. No, not Tata Sky, but my local cable operator in Bangalore is a madman. He decides what I should watch. At any point in time, we get only three sport channels: a toss up between ESPN, Ten Sports, Star Sports, NEO Sports and Star Cricket. If there’s a live billiards tournament on Star Sports and other such live matches on other channels, means I can’t watch “India glorious” on Star Cricket or “Dravid Deewar” on NEO Sports.

I say this is a great opportunity to rope in some sponsors and cash in. Where are the BCCI? Are they not hearing the jingling of coins? The sad state of some of the domestic tournaments as described by Pradeep Magazine in his book <i>Not Quite Cricket </i> comes to mind. This is the time to cash in, folks. Lalit Modi! Where are you when you matter the most? There are at least three other very excited bloggers who are wanting to see these matches: unabashed senior supporter Buzz and avid cricket follows Scorpicity and Soulberry, who has a dedicated blog for domestic cricket. Hope I haven’t missed anyone else. But I’m pretty sure there are enough of us crazy folk to at least partially fill a stadium or count toward the TRP ratings. Surely Tendulkar, Ganguly and Dravid will pull crowds. Having said all that, looks like we crazy folk can only rant this season.


5 Responses to One Heck of a Domestic Season but Abysmal Coverage

  1. scorpicity says:

    VM… There is this strange feeling in me that this time around this will be the best domestic season ever… hopefully they won’t let me down. Soon we all will pile up on the domestic cricket blog of Sb… cheers

  2. VM – at this rate we’re all gonna get domestiacted.
    If not DD, then surely star or neo can pull off a channel for domestic cricket.
    May not be a star plus or zee to start off, but some charity can’t hurt the cricket too much. Anyway, after ipl, bcci has wisened up to the potential of local tricks.

  3. vmminerva says:

    @Scorpy, I thought so too – was just being cautious as I’ve had to eat crow quite often in the past with my predictions 🙂

    @NC, yeah charity can’t hurt it. Somebody should do something. We simply cannot miss this.

  4. Soulberry says:

    It’s a shame Victoria. They do not have proper domestic coverage and they do not have a proper website with archives and all.

    C’mon…there must be someone who is tuned-in optimally in the BCCI!

    And here we are…with our blogs ready and time set aside to catch domestic action (ticks are almost non-existent but live coverage helps when the match is in B’lore when one is stuck in Delhi 🙂 ) and there is no action to see. Maybe Neo will wake up on the day.

    We have better coverage of county and Aussie domestic on TV.

    By the way, do you suggest we include Buchi babu and Moin-ud-dowla in the telecastables? And anyone know whatever happened to Rohinton Baria trophy?

  5. vmminerva says:

    First of all, my apologies for a very late reply. It’s been crazy around here.

    But, yeah, SB! Seriously man, we get to watch Lancashire vs. somebody else, but not our own Irani Trophy. On the other trophies you mention, I think why not? Actually the history of Buchi Babu was very interesting – check out wikipedia on that. It’s sad that people don’t know of its heroic roots.

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